Is Laura Bailey in ‘The Last of Us’ Season One?

Is Abby's voice actress in the season finale of The Last of Us?

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Laura Bailey Cameo in The Last of Us
Image: Neil Druckmann

As the first season of The Last of Us ended, the obvious question to come up would be about a second season release date, but the finale had an exciting surprise for us. Abby is a major character in The Last of Us Part II, and fans had been questioning if we would be able to see her or something related to her at the beginning of the show. And, in a manner of speaking, we might’ve got her. So, is Laura Bailey in The Last of Us season one? And is she a relevant character in the show?

Did Laura Bailey Appear in ‘The Last of Us’ Season One Finale?

Although Abby, the reason for a lot of misfortune in The Last of Us Part II, didn’t appear during the show’s first season, her voice actress did make a cameo. Laura Bailey appeared in The Last of Us season one finale as one of the nurses in the operating room with Ellie. Fans of the second game know that it’s a very important place related to Abby’s character, so Bailey couldn’t have had a better role.

As Joel rampages after finding out Ellie won’t make it out alive of the operation, Joel kills countless Fireflies. When he reaches the room, he shoots the doctor without hesitation (or warning), scaring the nurses, and starts to set Ellie free. Bailey, unfortunately, didn’t have a big role in the episode, but that might not have been the last time we saw her in the show.

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Laura Bailey doesn’t usually star in live actions, mainly being a voice actress in games or in animated shows, like the recent The Legend of Vox Machina. But, as she appeared using a mask, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin affirmed she might make a cameo again on the next season of The Last of Us.

- This article was updated on March 13th, 2023