Is Oshi no Ko on Disney Plus?

Is Oshi no Ko really on Disney Plus?

by J.R. Waugh
Oshi no Ko Disney Plus
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Oshi no Ko quickly overtook online anime discourse with its premiere in Spring 2023. It’s been a phenomenal freshman outing for the series and a strong adaptation of an equally excellent manga. But for some, it’s still a bit inaccessible, only viewable as a streaming series on a platform, not everybody might have. This has sparked questions about whether the acclaimed series has a future elsewhere. Is Oshi no Ko on Disney Plus? I did some digging and turned up some interesting results.

Is Oshi no Ko Available on Disney Plus, or Only on HIDIVE?

Yes, Oshi no Ko is on Disney Plus, but primarily in Japan, so if you turn on a VPN and have a Disney Plus account, you can stream it. I tested it myself, searching for the series to find it immediately. The series is broadly available outside of Japan on HIDIVE, however, and it’s the only option for many viewers worldwide.

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The series is available to stream here so if you have a subscription, this adds flexibility to the service and a vital anime to your watchlist.

Are All Episodes of Oshi no Ko Currently Available on Disney Plus?

If you’re viewing the show in Japan or via VPN, Episodes 1-7 are all on Disney Plus, however, the special 7.5 recap feature is not there. More importantly, for non-Japanese viewers, I discovered in the settings that there is only Japanese audio, meaning no English dub or even subtitles, but given that it’s a Japanese series, I don’t know what I expected there.

For Japanese viewers or those who understand the language, this is still excellent news. Disney Plus has a wide range for its catalog, and you’ll often find lots of different series to watch there. Watching it in Japanese with no subtitles, if you’re able, is also a fairly ideal experience. It sidesteps the singular gripe I have about the sub, information overload that comes with seeing both Japanese text and English text translating it.

The series is available to view in its entirety on Disney Plus and looks like it’ll update with the rest of the season alongside HIDIVE.

- This article was updated on May 31st, 2023

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