Is Tokyo Ghoul Getting a Remake?

Are we getting a more faithful adaptation?

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Kaneki fighting Jason

There’s no one that wouldn’t love to see their favorite book having a fantastic adaptation that turns it into a work even greater. But even though Tokyo Ghoul is very popular, manga readers have been complaining about the anime’s quality for a long time. Some rumors have brought this discussion back with full force. Is it true that Tokyo Ghoul is getting a remake?

Is Tokyo Ghoul Getting a Remake?

Sui Ishida created one of the best seinen manga, and fans went crazy when it was announced Tokyo Ghoul would get an anime by Studio Pierrot. The first season made the story even more popular and was received as a good horror anime, but the sequels didn’t get close to the same success. Unfortunately, despite fans’ complaints, Tokyo Ghoul‘s rumors of a remake seem to be just baseless rumors for now.

When the protagonist Ken Kaneki joined Aogiri Tree, people realized the story was deviating from the manga and became worried. Tokyo Ghoul √A, the second season, wasn’t received well. One of the main complaints is that the studio rushed many incidents and changed a lot of things, making a good part of it anime canon only. Fans lost some of their favorite parts from the manga, and the studio didn’t manage to make a good story with all the changes.

When Tokyo Ghoul:re, the manga’s sequel, was announced to receive an adaptation by Studio Pierrot too, readers got excited but didn’t believe it would be as great as they wished. The first season was enjoyable but still very confusing for anime-only watchers, as the studio ignored most of what happened in Tokyo Ghoul √A. That made fans want a remake with better-quality animation that faithfully adapts most of the manga even more.

A Tokyo Ghoul remake still seems to be far away, but with its popularity, you can never know. The manga is available to read on the Manga Plus app, and you can watch the anime on Crunchyroll.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2023