What is Ghibli’s Collab with Star Wars Studio? Release Date, and Everything We Know

What is Ghibli cooking up with the Star Wars studio?

by J.R. Waugh

Studio Ghibli and Star Wars studio Lucasfilm are collaborating on a project together, as recently announced on Ghibli’s Twitter account. Fans were quick to check that this wasn’t too good to be true and verified it was indeed from the official account. This is huge, but cryptic, as it could include any of Lucasfilm’s pre-existing properties, or could be something new. One thing is for sure, fans are going to be excited, as this will surely be a fantastic animated feature much like anything Ghibli has produced before. Here’s what to expect, and whether Studio Ghibli will do something related to Star Wars for its collab.

Studio Ghibli x Lucasfilm | Collab Release Date

There is no release date for this project yet. There have been rumors swirling about this project for a bit, but with the recent tweet, this is the closest we’ve gotten to any new form of information. We also don’t know what the project will be beyond a joint effort between the two hitmakers. But as always, stay tuned for additional updates, and keep your eyes glued to the Ghibli Twitter account.

Everything We Know About the Studio Ghibli x Lucasfilm Collab: Is It Star Wars?

While we don’t know for certain whether this is a Star Wars collab, it seems like the simple answer. But for fans of other Lucasfilm properties, there are other concepts available such as Willow which certainly have more in common with Ghibli’s previous work. It’s also unknown as to whether this means we can expect something to come from this for Star Wars: Visions, the franchise’s anime collaboration anthology series on Disney+, with season 2 coming in Spring 2023.

While we can freely speculate about which property this could tie into, this points to greater signs of Disney investing more heavily in Lucasfilm properties. Willow has a Disney Plus series coming out November 30, 2022, and the service also appears to be eyeing an Indiana Jones streaming series as well. This could be a greater sign that the company is looking to boost the studio’s profile even more.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2022

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