What to Expect from Fast X Sequels? Fast 11 and 12 Explored

Here's what to expect from the Fast X Sequels and what I think will happen in Fast 11 and 12!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering what to expect from Fast X sequels? Fast 11 and 12 will be the second and third movies in the franchise’s concluding trilogy. This means there is a lot of ground to cover story-wise and many characters that need their arcs to be concluded. It will be interesting to see how the creators handle this much content in only two movies. Still, it is a ride I’m excited to take since I’ve been following the Fast and the Furious franchise since its inception and enjoyed Fast X immensely.

What Will Happen in Fast 11 and 12?

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Fast X ended with several cliffhangers and a surprising character reveal. This serves as your spoiler warning as I will discuss the events of Fast X, especially the ending, in greater detail. If you haven’t seen Fast X yet, you should do that because it is one of the best in the franchise.

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Fast 11 will most assuredly continue where Fast X ended and provide answers to the cliffhangers that left our jaws hanging. First, what happened to Han, Tej, Roman, and Ramsey? Did they die in the plane when it crashed after being shot down by Aimes? I don’t think any of them will as we saw them running towards the car in the plane’s cargo hold. I 100% expect them to drive the car out of the plane. More on this in just a moment.

Next, we saw Dom and his son Little Brian escape from the explosion caused by the two oil tankers crashing by driving down the damn, only to have Dante Rayes arm bombs that have been attached to all of the integral structure points of the dam. Will Dom and Little Brian escape the explosion, and how will they do it since Dom’s 1970 Charger R/T is now crashed into the water at the bottom of the dam? This is where I believe that Han, Tej, Roman, and Ramsey will drive in and save the day using the car they escaped out of only moments prior.

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Finally, how in the world is Gisele alive? We saw her thrown out of the back of a moving plane in Fast and Furious 6. Poor Han believed he lost the love of his life at that moment, which was why he went to Japan in the first place, leading up to the events in Tokyo Drift. So how will the creators explain Gisele’s resurrection? Will she pull a Gamora from Marvel and be a clone, twin sister, or alternate reality version of herself? I highly doubt that, and it will just be explained that she somehow just survived the fall.

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The mid-credits scene also brings back fan favorite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s character, Lucas “Luke” Hobbs, to the franchise. I was shocked to see this was the case after Johnson’s beef with Vin Diesel. He stated that he didn’t like Diesel’s behavior and comments and would let his Hobb character go out in style. However, with the failure of Johnson’s recent movies, like Black Adam, I can see why he would return to the franchise.

Hobbs will play a vital role in Fast 11 because the mid-credits scene reveals that he is Reyes’ next target. This is because Hobbs is the one who killed his father in Fast Five in retribution for killing so many members of his team. Staying true to the theme of revenge and family, I guess Reyes will go after Hobbs’ daughter, Samantha, and we will see a lot of Fast 11 being devoted to him saving her and facing off with Reyes.

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With how Fast X ended, I can imagine that the creators will extend the fight against Reyes into Fast 12, serving as the concluding movie. First, however, Dom and the crew will most assuredly deal with Aimes for his betrayal. In addition, we will see Deckard Shaw save his mom, have a fun reunion with Hobbs, and help him save his daughter. Finally, we will see Cipher and Letty take on the agency with Gisele and then return to Dom and the crew for a heartwarming reunion with Han.

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After that, however, be prepared to be left with more cliffhangers, character reveals, and jaw-dropping moments. My prediction for the ending of Fast 12 will be how so many of the other films in the franchise end. We will see Dom and his family sitting around a table at his house BBQing. We will have a shot of his sister, Mia, with Brian (played by Paul Walker’s brother), their kid, along with others like Han, Gisele, Tej, Ramsey, and Roman. I also can’t imagine this would be the franchise’s end, instead just with the current characters. Little Brian and his crew, anyone?

- This article was updated on May 18th, 2023

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