When Will the Elusive Samurai Anime Premiere?

An underrated manga will soon get its time on the small screen!

by J.R. Waugh
The Elusive Samurai Anime Release Date
Image: CloverWorks

The Elusive Samurai is getting an anime adaptation, to the delight of its readers! It might come as a surprise for some, given the amount of attention given to other famous Shonen Jump properties, but this show will surely catch viewers’ eyes. From its fascinating historical period backdrop to its adaptation being handled by CloverWorks, there’s plenty to be excited about. But fans are wondering exactly when The Elusive Samurai will get its anime premiere.

The Elusive Samurai Anime: What is the Premiere Date?

The Elusive Samurai is currently without a specific release date for its premiere, and at this pace, we can expect it to come no earlier than late 2023 or early 2024. The series is being adapted by CloverWorks, whose credits include Persona 5: The Animation, Fairy Tail, The Promised Neverland, Spy x Family, and many others.

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The Elusive Samurai was originally created by Yusei Matsui, who has previously seen two other series of his, Neuro: Supernatural Detective, and Assassination Classroom turned into successful anime. The storytelling and overall art style for The Elusive Samurai will help set itself apart as an excellent and entertaining anime, blending a historical backdrop with silly magic realism for that added Shonen charm.

What is The Elusive Samurai About?

The Elusive Samurai is a loose adaptation (emphasis on loose) of the story of Tokiyuki Hojo. Tokiyuki is characterized in this series as a weak heir to the Hojo clan whose family is overthrown by who they believed was an ideal ally and model samurai.

Within the first installment, we see our protagonist thrust away from his home, his family largely slaughtered, and himself forced to seek refuge with Yorishige Suwa, who would become his mentor. The series is oddly funny despite its serious premise and cleverly implements historically-inspired moments such as military tactics by various victorious armies across multiple civilizations. Tokiyuki must gather his forces so he can take his revenge throughout this series.

For those who want a smart, affable protagonist who develops his combat skills around his innate talent for evasion and fleeing battle, this will be the new series to watch! As this story develops we’ll update this piece with the latest news on an exact release date!

- This article was updated on May 8th, 2023

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