Who is Rouge the Bat in Sonic Prime?

My name is Rouge the Bat. Better known as the treasure hunter, Rouge.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering who Rouge the Bat in Sonic Prime is? The world’s greatest thief is back in the Netflix animated series, which will be available to stream on December 15, 2022. Rouge the Bat is the Sonic version of Marvel’s Black Widow because she is a highly trained government agent with extensive training and a jewel thief. In the Sonic Prime trailer, we see her teaming up with Sonic and his friends, but that isn’t always the case in previous entries. Here is everything you need to know about who Rouge the Bat is in Sonic Prime.

Who is Rouge the Bat in Sonic Prime?

Rouge the Bat is an anthropomorphic bat who first makes an appearance in Sonic Adventure 2, where she seeks to find the pieces of the Master Emerald. She is initially the villain in this game but becomes an anti-hero seen fighting with and against Sonic and his friends. This is because she is truly out for herself and has no absolute allegiance to anyone. However, she does occasionally partner up with Shadow the Hedghedge and is Knuckles’ Rival (she is Amy Rose’s on some occasions too). Rouge is extremely powerful and has beaten Amy Rose multiple times and reached a stalemate with Knuckles in combat. Unlike Knuckles, whose strength is in his upper body, Rouge’s lies in her lower body, and you will often see her utilizing her kicks.

Voice Actor in Sonic Prime

Rouge the Bat will be voiced by Canadian actor Kazumi Evans, best known for her work in Polly Pocket and My Little Pony. She will have big shoes to fill as Rouge the Bat was previously voiced by long-term voice actors Kathleen Delaney and Karen Strassman.

Just like Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic fans will be pleased to see that Rumi Ochiai will be reprising her role as Rouge the Bat in the Japanese version of Sonic Prime. She, too, has been the voice of Rouge the Bat since her introduction in the video game Sonic Aventure 2. Ochiai is also known for her work in the Naruto TV anime and video games.

Sonic Prime will be available to stream on Netflix starting December 15, 2022.

- This article was updated on December 16th, 2022

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