Who is Siegfried in Record of Ragnarok?

What's the significance of this namedrop from last year?

by J.R. Waugh
Who is Siegfried Record of Ragnarok
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Record of Ragnarok is an interesting twist on the clash of mythological gods and mankind, with multiple cultures and histories brought together in an exciting, ongoing story. Despite the initial challenge seeming insurmountable, mankind has managed several upsets in the competition, with a chance to ward off their destruction for 1000 years. One of the most mysterious people mentioned in the Record of Ragnarok is Siegfried, but what is his purpose in the series?

Do Any Characters Know Siegfried in Record of Ragnarok?

First referred to by Buddha in Record of Ragnarok as somebody who would “shake up Ragnarok” Siegfried has yet to make an appearance. Known also as Sigurd, like many other human characters, he is inspired by myth, a Germanic dragonslayer who killed Fafnir and drank from its blood. What’s also interesting is, his mythological inspiration is romantically entangled with that of Brunhilde, a noteworthy connection made by fans far before chapter 65 was even released.

The name might also sound familiar, especially to Fire Emblem fans, but Siegfried has enormous potential as one of the most famous mythological heroes. Not to belittle the other human characters, who have achieved incredible feats — such as Round 7 where Hades was beaten by Qin Shi Huang — but a dragon-slayer is a highly impressive potential addition to the ranks. But Buddha tasked Sakata Kintoki with looking into this individual, as another ally to add to the human side.

However, it’s not until Buddha gets their results back that we get to not only catch more glimpses of his story but even see his face.

What Chapter Do We Get to See Siegfried in Record of Ragnarok?

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Siegfried makes his first visible appearance revealed in Record of Ragnarok Chapter 77, imprisoned in Tartarus. A handsome man, shackled in what appears to be an extreme prison meant to hold the Titans themselves at bay, he is revealed to be a romantic connection to Brunhilde, and vital to Ragnarok itself.

His guards are quick to engage with him and tell him more about how the tournament is going, but quickly remember they’re forbidden from even talking to him. Could it have something to do with the intense amount of shackles holding him in place? Very likely, but it also serves as a sufficient tease that he could be the most powerful contender yet to hit the field.

Record of Ragnarok is available to read either on the Viz browser portal or on-demand through Mangamo.

- This article was updated on April 27th, 2023

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