Who is the Blonde Bandit Chief in Hell’s Paradise?

A brutal new fighter enters the mix!

by J.R. Waugh
Blonde Bandit Chief Hell's Paradise
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Hell’s Paradise is quickly generating curiosity among viewers who aren’t simply captivated by its two main protagonists. In episode 2, we see glimpses of other deadly convicts capable of fending for themselves at similar levels to Gabimaru’s, although some show a more openly ruthless streak than others. One such character is a blonde bandit chief in Hell’s Paradise who survives the culling melee and joins the journey to Shinsenkyo. Will he be a friend or foe in Gabimaru’s quest to find the Elixir of Life?

Who is Aza Chōbei, the Blonde Bandit Chief in Hell’s Paradise Episode 2?

Aza Chōbei is a particularly violent bandit chief in Hell’s Paradise, whose reputation is so severe he could have been suitably given over 100 death sentences to fit his crimes. He is one of the most important characters in the series and features prominently throughout as a deadly combatant and occasional opponent of Gabimaru.

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Chōbei is described as violent, ruthless, and sadistic, with a “slash first, ask questions later” mentality, and has been prone to hold a grudge. While his characteristics are on the surface quite grim, his facial scarring is one of the first pieces of proof of his redeeming qualities, earned while protecting his brother, Tōma, with his life. There’s even an indication of their past as retainers to their local daimyō, but due to the daimyō’s actions, the family was disgraced, and Chōbei and Tōma found themselves forced to get by on a bandit lifestyle.

What Are Aza Chōbei’s Abilities?

Image: MAPPA

Chōbei has demonstrated at numerous points his incredible raw strength, creating shockwaves and craters with the stomp of his foot, and is proficient with swords and heavy axes. Chōbei also wields Earth and Flower Tao in Hell’s Paradise, a form of life force energy that functions similarly to chakra in Naruto.

Chōbei has been proven capable as a fierce combatant, even able at points to overpower Gabimaru even when he regresses to his more violent state. He is the first to understand the task when the convicts are collectively pushed to fight each other to death to determine who would go to Shinsenkyo, doing so with killer efficiency despite his hands being bound. His brutality made his appearance noteworthy, and his story will be one to follow, the blonde bandit chief convict in Hell’s Paradise.

- This article was updated on May 2nd, 2023

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