Destiny 2 Forsaken How to Get Seed of Light

How to get your new Super Powers in Destiny 2 Forsaken

by AOTF Staff

Seeds of Light are one of the most important things about the new Destiny 2 Forsaken Expansion.  This item will allow you to unlock new super powers for your guardian.  Unfortunately, these Seeds of Light aren’t easy to come by and you’ll need to complete different missions to earn them.

First Seed of Light

During the Forsaken story campaign you will encounter a items that will lead you to the Visions of Light mission.  This mission is very similar to what we saw in vanilla Destiny when gaining new powers for your guardian.  The Visions of Light are a common item in the Tangled Shore area.  They’ll drop from completing missions and killing enemies pretty frequently.  After you’ve gathered enough of these you’ll find that you have a new mission called Visions of Light.

In this mission you will have the ability to earn a Seed of Light and unlock new powers.  This Visions of Light quest will be on the planet IO.  Complete this quest and you’ll unlock a new skill tree.

The Second and Third Seed of Light can be earned by completing hard challenges in the Dreaming City.

Second Seed of Light

Once you’ve completed the Forsaken main story and defeated the Barons, you’ll need to start the quest to get to the Dreaming City.  This involves tracking down talisman fragments as well as completing other objectives.  Once you’ve earned your way into the location, you can start accepting quests from Petra that will offer you higher challenges in the new area.

To earn your second Seed of Light you’ll need to start accepting quests for the Tier 2 Blind Well.  These Seeds are random drops from high level enemies.

Third Seed of Light

Getting your third Seed of Light will be your most difficult challenge yet. The third seed of light is a guaranteed drop in the Last Wish Raid and will be rewarded for beating Kalli. This is your best bet at the moment for getting the third seed of light, but Bungie says that there will be multiple opportunities to get more Seeds of Light to unlock all of the new sub-classes.

- This article was updated on June 5th, 2019