Far Cry 5 How to Get Attack Helicopter

This Chopper with Mounted Guns can be found early in Far Cry 5


Having a helicopter in Far Cry 5 is one of the fastest ways to get around, but having a helicopter with mounted guns on it can make things exponentially easier.  The good news is that players can get a fast helicopter with machine guns on it very early in the game by completing a series of missions.

Players will first need to liberate the Drubman Marina. This area is located in the northern part of the Henbane Region (Faith’s Region). Once they do, a new Specialist character mission will be unlocked.  This character is Adelaide Drubman who will ask you to go on a mission to find her helicopter she calls “Tulip.”  The mission is called “Friendly Skies.”  Once completed, Adelaide can be called as an AI co-op partner and she always spawns with an attack helicopter.

She can support you while you’re on the ground, but you can also tell her to land the helicopter and get out so you can fly it by using the D-pad controls.  She’ll need to have a spot to land the helicopter though so make sure she’s got room.  Having Adelaide as a Specialist on your roster effectively allows you to spawn the helicopter at will, but if you want to be able to spawn “Tulip” at any Helicopter Shop, you’ll need to complete the “Eco-Warriors” story mission.

There are other Attack Chopper options in the game, but this one requires that you spend no money in getting it.  As the game progresses you can purchase more powerful helicopters that feature both missiles and mounted guns, but they’ll cost you $7200 in-game currency.

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