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How to Change License Plate in Forza Horizon 4

Change your license plate to something more personal.

by William Schwartz


Of all the ways that you can customize your car in Forza Horizon 4 one of the best ways to personalize any vehicle is by changing the license plate.  There are a couple of different ways that you can change the license plate in Forza Horizon 4 but you will need access to your garage menu.

The garage menu in Horizon 4 can be accessed at a couple of different locations in the game.  The first is when you are spawning at any of the locations/houses that you own.  The second is from the Horizon Festival hub.  From either of these places you will have access to a menu system that allows you to customize your vehicles or hop straight into license plate customization for the car you are currently in.

Once you’ve got the garage menu available you’ll see that there is a tab for customizing license plate.  Simply click on that tab and it will open a license plate editor for your vehicle.

You can also change the license plate for the car you are currently driving in Forza Vista.  You would do it from the same menu system but you will do it a bit differently.  You can press the X Button while looking in this menu to access Forza Vista.  This will allow you to move the camera to the back of the car where you can select the license plate to alter the text.

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