How to Reset Car Damage Forza Horizon 4

Reset your damage while driving by using this trick.

by William Schwartz


Damage in Forza Horizon 4 can be toggled for full simulation that impact the way that vehicle perform, but the default difficulty is to have cosmetic damage only.  Sometimes this can leave your car looking like a mangled mess depending on how many collisions you’ve had.  Driving in first person can be quite difficult when you can’t see out of your cracked front windshield.

If you need to do a quick reset of your cosmetic damage, you can do so by using the photo mode in the game.  From any point in the open world you can access the photo mode in Forza Horizon 4 by pressing up on the d-pad.

Once you’re in the photo mode you can reset cosmetic damage with the LB Button.  Resetting damage while in photo mode will persist with you back into racing so if you don’t like the way your car looks it will be restored to its previous glory by resetting cosmetic damage in the photo editor.

If you have simulation damage turned on you’re going to be throwing a lot of stuff out of wack if you start crashing into things.  You may notice your car drifting to one side of the road to another or the engine not being able to get up to top speed.  If this is the case and you want to reset this simulation style damage you can simply return to any of the homes that you own on the map for a clean start.

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