Spider-Man PS4 How to Beat Rhino and Scorpion Boss Fight

by AOTF Staff
Spider-Man facing Scorpion

In Spider-Man PS4 players will need to track down the Sinister Six, a group of villains that include some of the most dangerous foes of Peter Parker.  Worse yet, as you push towards the end-game for Spider-Man on PS4 boss fights in the game will be two on one.  One of the most challenging boss fights in Spider-Man PS4 is the one where Spider-Man faces off against Rhino and Scorpion in an smaller area with a bunch of cargo containers.

Each enemy has their own unique moves that you’ll need to look out for in the battle.  Rhino uses a charging and slamming attack, but he’s a little bit slower.  Scorpion will hurl poison projectiles at you while jumping from box to box before moving in for a multi-hit attack.

The trick here is trying to isolate each character and take them out while avoiding the other character’s attack.  There isn’t a right way to do things here, but we found it much easier to take out Scorpion first because of his ability to hit you from long range.

So assuming you start with Scorpion, you can use your web swinging ability to get close to him.  Once you’re close you can move in for an attack.  During this process you’re going to want to make sure that Rhino isn’t charging up for an attack while you aren’t looking.  You’re going to be wanting to use the circle button to dodge Scorpion’s attacks during this fight.  Use it often to keep moving out of the way.  Once his attacks are finished just keep hitting him until he’s down.  You’ll be able to get a few hits in before you’ll need to start dodging and swinging again.

Once Scorpion is down, it’s pretty easy to take out Rhino.  The only way that you can damage Rhino is by stunning him with environmental objects.  You’ll need to use the Web pulling mechanic by pressing R1 and L1 on boxes in the area or cranes.  Look for the outlines on the ground as markers to stand and then entice Rhino to charge you.  Once he’s in the zone, you’ll want to use R1 and L1 to pull the box or crane on top of him to stun him.  Once you’ve got him stunned it’s time to pounce.  Get your hits in quick and then back-off to do it again.

A couple of rounds of this and you’ll have both Scorpion and Rhino defeated.  If you need a visual guide for this fight, check out our playthrough of the boss fight below.

Rhino & Scorpion vs. Spider-Man