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The Crew 2 Guide: How to Customize Vehicles

Customize cars with both types of in-game currency in The Crew 2.

by William Schwartz


Customization in The Crew 2 is one of the most important aspects of the game as you can select any automobile, plane, motorcycle, or boat and then take that vehicle out into the world to compete in single player or multiplayer races.

Customization in The Crew 2 can be done at any time, but it’ll need to be done at your home base.  To head home just pull up the map and look for the Home icon and select Enter to instantly travel there.

Once in your home you can head to any vehicle there and select the customize option.  This will allow you to change colors, livery, visual parts, and performance options.  All of these options have different prices associated with them and some need to be purchased on each application.  If you want to select a different color for your car, you’ll need to keep paying for each application.  On the other hand, visual customizations per car can be purchased once and applied multiple times.

Customizations can be purchased with either the in-game currency which Ubisoft is calling “Bucks” or microtransaction currency called “Crew Credits”.  All premium content in The Crew 2 is available in both currencies.   This means vehicle customization, visual parts, and avatar outfits can all be purchased with either Bucks or Crew Credits.

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