All Maps in Apex Legends Mobile – Original and New Maps

Pythas Block 0 here we come!

by Noah Nelson


Apex Legends Mobile players have been able to explore only one map so far and it is World’s Edge. Though the main line Apex Legends game has four maps in constant rotation throughout the season, Apex Legends Mobile currently only has one. But, that is changing soon. Here is your update on the new maps coming to Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile New Maps – Pythas Block 0

Based on the trailer we got for Rhapsody, there is a brand new map coming to Apex Legends Mobile called Pythas Block 0. This is the first nighttime map in Apex Legends which compliments the neon city lights of Kómma. There, Rhapsody escaped from her life of poverty and escaped Pythas Inc.’s control by becoming a famous musician. Pythas Inc. is the one who created Rowdy, Rhapsody’s robo-puppy companion.

With Rhapsody setting the stage, it is the perfect time for Pythas Block 0 to come to Apex Legends Mobile. Though it is unclear if Pythas Block 0 will be available in every game mode or if it will only be in select modes like Arenas or Team Deathmatch, we’ll let you know as more news comes. For now, get excited because it is coming on July 12 along with the new legend and the new season.

If that wasn’t enough, Apex Legends Mobile is also getting King’s Canyon in Season 2, one of the original Apex Legends maps. If you are an Apex Legends only type player, if you didn’t have enough fuel to be jealous, no you do. Your feelings of Respawn only giving the cool new stuff to Apex Legends Mobile are valid and shared amongst the community. In fact, No Apex August is a protest to make Respawn take a look at Apex Legends and fix it.

For all of your Apex Legends or Apex Legends Mobile questions, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Apex Legends Mobile page for more.

Apex Legends Mobile is available on iOS and Android.

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