Is Stray Based On a Real Cat?

Is our favorite Feline based on a real cat?

by Gordon Bicker


Stray is being played through by many excited fans today and cat-lovers are indulging themselves in getting to play as their favorite animal in a game. Of course, when getting to look at the adorable cat for many hours, players may be wondering if the cat has had any real-world inspiration behind the cat’s design. Fans will be thrilled to find out there is a bit of a backstory to how this cat was designed and modeled. Whether you are on a collectible hunt at the moment or simply playing through the story, it will be great to find out if Stray is indeed based on a real cat.

Is Stray Based on a Real Cat? All the Information you Need to Know!

The cat in Stray is based on a real cat named Murtaugh. This cat belongs now to the actual co-founders of the BlueTwelve Studio. The development team behind the loveable experience. The real-life cat is just as adorable as the character you will be playing as within the game and they certainly have captured Murtaugh’s spirits perfectly it looks like.

Is Stray Based on a True Story?

Along with that, some people may be wondering if Stray is based on a true story at all. The answer to that is yes, slightly. Murtaugh was actually a stray on the streets in Montpellier sadly until they were found which is emotional thinking about. Everyone will be happy knowing that they now have a comfortable place to stay and are adored by many. The development team has also happily gotten to know Murtaugh too.

In turn, the game in a way is based on a true story. The lead protagonist of the game is also a Stray as Murtaugh once was. It is an excellent concept to fully explore the emotions and journeys that cats may go on as strays, even if in an abstract way. You can also now at this very moment jump into Stray and start exploring everything the world has to offer.

Stray is available now and playable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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