Walter White in MultiVersus is a Very Real Possibility

Could Walter White make their way to MultiVersus?

by Gordon Bicker
Official MultiVersus cover image from AOTF library.

MultiVersus is available now for open beta and with the roster set to be expanding in the future with many new characters added, there have been a lot of questions about whom may be making their way to the list. There have also been a lot of fan requests and hopes for Walter White from Breaking Bad to make an entrance into the game. With the amount of attention that the hopes have garnered it would be thought that the developers may take notice, and take notice they indeed have done. Walter White in MultiVersus could be a possibility.

It is a very exciting prospect for some fans that Walter White may make an appearance within the game. Imagine them fighting against Finn and more. There are also a lot of interesting abilities that Walter White could have and it would further the diverse range of characters already on offer for the experience. Along with this, the perks that the character could bring may be very exciting indeed if it was to happen.

Fan pages supporting Walter White’s possible inclusion in the game have also been created. One on Twitter has gained a lot of attention as shown below. The other day, a post wanting even more support to be provided for Walter White to be added was created and it also celebrated the 10,000 followers the account had gotten. However, another notable part of the post was in the comment section. A comment from Tony Huynh, the game director for MultiVersus stated congratulations. This showcases that the team certainly knows about fan hopes and the interaction with the post even may indicate a potential addition of Walter White to the roster.

With that sort of attention, especially from the co-founder of the studio; folks now are thinking that Walter White in MultiVersus could indeed be a much higher likelihood for the future. This might not happen though, so it is best not to get any hopes up until there is any official teaser or confirmation about the character being added to the game. Nonetheless, a simple comment can spark the flame again for even more support to be garnered around Walter White potentially being added. If the character was to be added, it will likely be much further down the line, potentially after the open beta.

MultiVersus is available this very moment through Open Beta form and you can download it for the following platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S Xbox One, and PC.