MultiVersus Director “Working Hard” to Add Anime Characters to the Game

MultiVersus could get anime characters in the future.

by Carlos Hurtado


MultiVersus has a wide arrange of characters from different media and franchises. Allowing players to use their favorite characters from the DC universe, Game of Thrones, and even from TV shows like Adventure Time. Recent statements hint at future collaborations with other IPs.

MultiVersus’ open beta started a few days ago, and hundreds of thousands of players have been having fun with the new fighting title. Many players are already grinding through the Battlepass and more of them are mastering characters like Batman and Arya Stark. The game’s beta has been great so far but has suffered from some balancing issues. Taz was one of the characters causing problems with its overpowered Tornado ability, but luckily by the time the open beta was released, the issue was resolved.

A few days ago, Tony Huynh, MultiVersus’ Game Director, answered an interesting question regarding the game’s character roster, and fans are already excited about the possibilities. A Twitter user called PrimalX60 asked Tony Huynh about the possibility of having anime characters in the game, and the Game Director stated they are working hard to make this a reality. Shortly after the tweet, the MultiVersus community started to share their thoughts on this and what characters they would love to play in the future.

It looks like MultiVersus will get some anime characters in the future, so anime fans will be delighted when the collaboration happens. MultiVersus could become the new Super Smash Bros; the free-to-play model, characters, stages, and cosmetic items make it an appealing title to any gamer that likes the fighting genre.

This would not be the only title with anime characters on it; many games have done similar collaborations, giving fans more reasons to keep playing the title. Fortnite is famous for its content collaborations, and it has managed to bring characters from Marvel, DC, and many other franchises like Halo and Gears of War. These content crossovers have brought many players back to the free-to-play title.

Fortnite has been subject to many leaks in recent weeks, and most of them are about new skins and cosmetic items from famous IPs.

If you are having trouble winning your matches on MultiVersus, so make sure you check out any of our guides. We will give you all the tips and instructions you need to stomp your opponents.

MultiVersus is available now on Open Beta for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S.

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