5 Letter Words That Start With P: Wordle Clues and Hints

How will players prevail against these pretty perplexing puzzles?

by Marc Magrini


Trying to figure out the best answers in Wordle can be a grueling task at times. Even if you figure out the first letter of a new day’s word – for example, discovering that the word starts with the letter P – you have to figure out what letters might come after it. That’s why it’s important to keep some important Wordle clues and hints in mind whenever you return to this game. Thankfully, just in case you end up with a word that does start with P, there are quite a few options to choose from when trying to determine the answer.

Wordle Clues and Hints: Words that Start with the Letter P

Many words that start with P have a few similar traits. Some have more than one vowel, and others commonly end in the letter S. As of April 2nd, 2022, none of these words were used to answer prior games of Wordle.

  • Paint – A word with two vowels and a T at the end. Paint is used to apply color to walls and other objects.
  • Paces – A word with two vowels and an S at the end. A common definition of “paces” is used to describe someone walking back and forth.
  • Plead – A word with two vowels. A synonym for “beg”.
  • Pause – A word with three vowels. Commonly described as a short stop, usually with the intention of continuing later on.
  • Piano – A word with three vowels. A musical instrument.

These words all use very common letters on top of having numerous vowels to make the process of elimination much easier. There are plenty of other useful words to try, including “paves”, “punch”, “pearl”, “parse”, or “phone”. The most recent Wordle solution starting with the letter P, “Purge”, occurred on March 23. It’s likely that one of these words will join the ever-growing list of solutions, so be sure to keep them in mind during your next Wordle game! Also be sure to check out good solutions for words starting with T or words starting with S.

Wordle is available for free online.

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