All 19 Datacard Locations in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

All 19 datacards are right here for your collection

by Caleb Stultz


Finding datacards in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is very useful in allowing players to unlock cheats and extras for your adventure in this faraway galaxy. In the game, there are 19 datacards in total to collect spanning all the planets in LEGO Star Wars. To unlock cheats and extras like stud multipliers, baguette mode (lightsabers get turned into baguettes), and powered up GNK Droids, stick around to learn how to find all 19 datacard locations in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

All 19 Datacard Locations in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Before you can start collecting all 19 of your datacards, you will need access to many Star Wars characters and nearly all locations. You will need a few Hero characters who can use grappling hooks, and a Scavenger character, too.

Check out this YouTube video from YouTuber WarbyGaming for the step-by-step guide for how to get all 19 datacards.

Tatooine Datacards

Tatooine has plenty of datacards for you to collect. Here are all of them on the sandy planet.

Jundland Wastes Datacard


The first datacard is at the highest altitude of the Jundland Wastes and is close to the center of the map. Head south of Ben Kenobi’s House and find a cliff wall with LEGO pieces along the wall.

Scale the wall using your lightsaber and use the orange handles to jump up the rest of the cliff. To the left, you will find a brown pole that can be raised using the Force and slot into a socket on the cliffside.

Use the poles to swing across the gap and on the other side, you will need to swing again to make it across to the next area. Jump up to reach the top of the rock and run across to find the datacard.

Mos Espa Datacard


Get this datacard in the northwest portion of Mos Espa in an area called the Slave Quarters. Go through the archway then immediately make a right to see a house with a glowing doorway. The datacard is on the other side of the house. Use the steps to climb up onto the roof and jump off the other side until you can see the glowing datacard.

Mos Eisley Datacard



Go to the Civilian Quarters in the northeast portion of the map. Look for a large building with shades at the top that are red and white. Use the Force to create a tower to climb up to the datacard.

Coruscant Datacards

This next planet has a few datacards for you to collect. Here are all of them in order.

Federal District Datacard


Head to the northwest area of the Federal District known as the Senate View. There is a ledge below that you can jump down and then turn left across the gap. After you have found the red force field, move both of your characters onto the buttons to deactivate the force field.

Uscru District Datacard


Head to the ring-shaped area on the lower level of the Uscru District. Using the small pedestals, jump across the gap and run to the far side of the large ring to get the datacard.

Geonosis Datacard


Head to the canyons area and climb the orange LEGO handles until you reach the edge of the cliff. After you have run along the ledge, you will see more handles to climb up. After climbing those, you will see the datacard.

Kashyyk Datacard


Set the datacard on your map before going and getting it. This will make it easier for you to find it. Once you have made it to the South Beach area, go northeast until you have made it up the giant roots of Tree Vikkilynn. Come out of the tree to reach the platforms then double jump across the gap to find the datacard in a crevice.

Mustafar Datacard


Go down the long corridors and catwalks to the northern section of the map. Go onto the catwalk with yellow steps at the end of the walkway. Run up the steps and go to the incline and reach the upper platform. After that, go to the southeastern area of the platform. After looking over the edge, hit the orange LEGO handles with a grappling hook and keep grappling until you’ve reached the datacard.

Yavin 4 Datacard


Go to the center of the Temple Hangar and go to the western side of the bridge that crosses the whole hangar. Grapple onto the orange LEGO handles and use them to get onto the bridge. The datacard will be right there for the taking.

Hoth Datacard


Go to the northeastern portion of the hangar to find orange LEGO handles to grapple onto. Climb the ice wall until you make it to the top. Go right and find another LEGO bar to grapple onto. After that, grapple onto the other light fixtures to get to the light with the datacard on it.

Dagobah Datacard


Head to the small alcove on the southeastern part of the Dragonsnake Bog. Grapple onto the orange LEGO handles next to the big branch to get the datacard.

Bespin Datacard


In this Cloud City, head to the Central Plaza part of the map and go to the southeastern corner of this area on the map. Switch to a Scavenger and use the Breaker Blaster to blast open the door. Cross the gap to get to the datacard by using a grappling hook.

Endor Datacard


Head immediately to your right from the landing bay and walk down the spiral staircase that goes around the tree. Go all the way down until you see LEGO leaves hanging from the walkways above your head. After that, destroy the leaves to find a target that you’ll need to shoot. This opens a nearby hatch that houses the datacard inside the tree.

Jakku Datacard


This easy-to-get datacard can be obtained by going northwest down the sand dunes from the landing zone. Look for a cylindrical ship that’s crashed into the sand. This ship is just past the giant ship you scavenge for parts to the north. Climb on the ship part and jump down the hole to find the datacard.

Takodana Datacard


Go west from your ship, along the coast, and past the fisher to where you can grapple up the pillar using your Hero character. At the top of the pillar there is a button you need to stand on to raise a hidden chest out of the lake. That is where your datacard treasure is hidden.

Cantonica Datacard


Go down one of the alleys of the Old Town area of Canto Bight. Look for the datacard on a high balcony in the dead-end alleyway in Old Town. After your fight against the Canto Bight Boyz, grapple the handle at the entrance of the dead-end alley, then grapple along the wall until you reach the balcony where you can drop to get your datacard.

Crait Datacard


Go to the northeast portion of the landing pad room and head to the nearby platforms then and climb them using the ladders. At the end of the third platform, jump and grapple onto an orange LEGO handle and hop up onto the ledge where the datacard is.

Kef Bir Datacard


Go to the north area of the map to make it to the Company 77 Village area. Then, head to the southwest area of this small area and find the thatched-roof hut. Go around the back and find the datacard.

Exegol Datacard


In this Sith Citadel, go to the south side of the landing zone and stand on the lift to go down to the lower area. Head straight then make a left to find the datacard on a pipe. You will need to run up the stairs nearby and turn right onto the walkway. There is a chain at the end of the walkway you can jump onto and climb up to reach the pipe where the datacard is.

And that is all 19 datacard locations in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Use these cards to help get you some stud multipliers while you farm your studs.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on April 13th, 2022

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