All Armory Unlock Challenges in Modern Warfare 3

Check out all the Armory Unlock Challenges plus rewards in Modern Warfare 3!

by Christian Bognar
All Armory Unlock Challenges MW3
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As players progress through the ranks in the multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare 3, they will unlock Armory Unlock Challenges, which reward players with valuable gear, killstreaks, and more. Here are all the Armory Unlock Challenges and rewards in MW3.

Full List of Armory Unlock Challenges and Rewards in Modern Warfare 3

Armory Unlock Challenges become available for a player once they reach level 25, so make sure to get to that benchmark first in Modern Warfare 3. After you reach level 25, all six categories of Armory Unlock Challenges will become available. Let’s review all categories and rewards — use the table of contents to jump around this guide.

All Weapon Armory Unlock Challenges

Complete 3 Daily ChallengesDG-58
Complete 8 Daily ChallengesSidewinder
Complete 3 Daily ChalengesDM56
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesKV Inhibitor
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesRival-9
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesWSP-9
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesKarambit
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesHolger 26
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesWSP Stinger
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesMTZ-762

All Aftermarket Parts Armory Unlock Challenges

Complete 3 Daily ChallengesCronen INTLAS-MSP-12
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesMCW 6.8 Full-Auto Conversion
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesXRK IP-V2 Conversion Kit
Complete 2 Daily ChallengesIntla CAS-14
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesBroodmother .45 Kilt

All Perks Armory Unlock Challenges

Complete 3 Daily ChallengesGhost T/V Camo
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesSignal Jammer
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesConvert Sneakers
Complete 8 Daily ChallengesData Jacker
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesAssault Gloves
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesHijacked IFF Strobe
Complete 8 Daily ChallengesThreat Identification System
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesMarksman Gloves

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All Equipment Armory Unlock Challenges

Complete 3 Daily ChallengesSemtex
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesProximity Mine
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesStim
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesBreacher Drone
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesDrill Charge
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesFlash Grenade
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesShock Stick
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesC4
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesTear Gas
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesEMD Grenade

All Field Upgrades Armory Unlock Challenges

Complete 5 Daily ChallengesDDoS
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesTrophy System
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesTactical Camera
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesSuppression Mine
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesRecon Drone
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesInflatable Decoy
Complete 8 Daily ChallengesLoadout Drop
Complete 8 Daily ChallengesHeartbeat Sensor
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesAnti-Armor Rounds

All Killstreaks Armory Unlock Challenges

Complete 2 Daily ChallengesCare Package
Complete 8 Daily ChallengesWheelson-HS
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesJuggernaut
Complete 8 Daily ChallengesEmergency Airdrop
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesGunship
Complete 8 Daily ChallengesCluster Mine
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesMortar Strike
Complete 3 Daily ChallengesAdvanced UAV
Complete 8 Daily ChallengesVTOL Jet
Complete 5 Daily ChallengesBomb Drone

How Do Armory Unlock Challenges Work in Modern Warfare 3?

Players can complete Armory Unlock Challenges in any order, but first, they must activate it as their “Active Challenge.” For example, say you want to unlock the Sidewinder that requires “8 daily challenges.” You would activate that specific Armory Unlock Challenge and work towards that eight-daily challenge goal. Daily challenges points only count towards the Armory Unlock Challenge you have activated. You can deactivate anytime and won’t lose any of your progress!

If you finish your Daily Challenges, you will be provided with endless Bonus Challenges. In other words, you can continue doing daily challenges throughout the rest of the day and count them towards your other Armory Unlocks. Just remember to activate the Armory Unlock Challenge you have your eye on, or else it will not count points towards it.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2023

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