All Attack on Titan Skins and Cosmetics Coming to Dead by Daylight

From Eren Yaeger to the Armored Titan!

by Noah Nelson


Attack on Titan and Dead by Daylight seems like the perfect match, and it is officially happening! With Attack on Titan being one of the biggest anime shows of all time, this Dead by Daylight collaboration is going to be epic. And, good news, it is officially live now! Here are all of the Attack on Titan skins and cosmetics coming to Dead by Daylight.


All Attack on Titan Skins and Cosmetics in Dead by Daylight

From the 6th Anniversary Broadcast, Behaviour Interactive revealed that Dead by Daylight will have an Attack on Titan collaboration. This new collaboration will come in the form of 10 new Attack on Titan skins for the existing Dead by Daylight survivors and killers. The Attack on Titan x Dead by Daylight Collection is live now in the in-game store. They have covered all of the bases when it comes to this Attack on Titan Dead by Daylight crossover.

All 10 Attack on Titan skins have been revealed! Here are all of the Dead by Daylight x Attack on Titan skins:

Survivor (Very Rare)

  • Dwight Fairfield – Eren’s Uniform
  • Yui Kimura – Mikasa’s Uniform
  • Jake Park – Levi’s Uniform
  • Meg Thomas – Annie’s Uniform
  • Felix – Richter – Armin’s Uniform
  • Kate Denson – Historia’s Uniform
  • Zarina Kassir – Hange’s Uniform
  • Ace Visconti – Kenny’s Uniform

Killer (Ultra Rare)

  • The Oni – Armored Titan
  • The Spirit – War Hammer Titan

By purchasing the Attack on Titan skins, you will unlock the following charms:

  • Cadet Corps Crest Charm – Logging on during the Mid-Chapter release
  • Scout Regiment Corps Crest Charm – Unlocking any 3 Attack on Titan outfits
  • Military Police Regiment Crest Charm – Unlocking any 2 Attack on Titan outfits
  • Garrison Regiment Crest Charm – Unlocking any Attack on Titan Survivor outfit
  • Wall Titan Charm – Unlocking any Attack on Titan Killer outfit

To stay in the loop on all things Dead by Daylight including news on the Attack on Titan event, stay tuned to our Dead by Daylight page.

Dead by Daylight is available now and playable for the platforms of PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, PC, IOS, and Android.

- This article was updated on July 19th, 2022

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