All Bosses and Rewards in Lies of P

Here are all the bosses and their rewards in Lies of P.

by Christian Bognar
Lies of P Combat Review
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Considering Lies of P is a Soulslike, the bosses are the most intimidating parts of the game. With the high spike in difficulty against the game’s bosses in its eleven chapters, it’s good to know the rewards for your efforts. In this guide, we will go over all the bosses in Lies of P and the rewards for defeating all of them.

Complete List of All Bosses and Rewards in Lies of P

Remember that some bosses in Lies of P are optional, and you can either sprint past them to safety or avoid them altogether by not exploring. If you want to find optional bosses, comb the area as much as possible. Here are all the bosses and rewards in Lies of P.

All Bosses in Chapter 1 of Lies of P

  • Parade Master – Parade Leader’s Ergo, Quartz.

All Bosses in Chapter 2 of Lies of P

  • Mad Donkey – Mad Donkey Hunting Apparel, Mad Donkey Mask, Krat City Hall Key, Enigma Assembly Tool
  • Scrapped Watchman – Broken Hero’s Ergo, Small Wooden Office Puppet, Core, Overcharged Storage Battery

All Bosses in Chapter 3 of Lies of P

  • Survivor (optional) – Stalker’s Promise, Survivor’s Mask, Survivor’s Hunting Apparel
  • Puppet of the Future (optional) – Quartz
  • King’s Flame, Fuocco – King’s Flame Ergo, Flame Grindstone, High-powered Flame Amplifier

All Bosses in Chapter 4 of Lies of P

  • The Atoned – Cable Railway Key, The Atoned’s Mask
  • Fallen Archbishop Andreus – Twisted Angel’s Ergo

All Bosses in Chapter 5 of Lies of P

  • Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood – Taunt Gesture and Resplendent Ergo Chunk

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All Bosses in Chapter 6 of Lies of P

  • The White Lady (optional) – The White Lady’s Mask, The White Lady’s Locket
  • Mad Clown Puppet (optional) – Quartz
  • King of Puppets – Burnt-White King’s Ergo, Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress, Someone’s Necklace

All Bosses in Chapter 7 of Lies of P

  • Champion Victor – Champion’s Ergo

All Bosses in Chapter 8 of Lies of P

  • Owl Doctor (optional) – Owl Doctor’s Mask
  • Green Monster of the Swamp and Puppet-Devouring Green Monster – Golden Ergo, Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo
  • Puppet of the Future (optional) – Quartz
  • Puppet of the Future (optional) – Quartz

All Bosses in Chapter 9 of Lies of P

  • Robber Weasel – Robber Weasel’s Hunting Apparel, Robber Weasel’s Mask
  • Walker of Illusions – Legion Caliber, Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant
  • Corrupted Parade Master – Quartz, Full Moonstone

All Bosses in Chapter 10 of Lies of P

  • Black Rabbit Brotherhood – Quartz

All Bosses in Chapter 11 of Lies of P

  • Door Guardian – High-level Alchemist Badge
  • Black Cat (optional) – Black Cat’s Mask
  • Laxasia The Complete – Sad Zealot’s Ergo
  • Red Fox – Red Fox’s Mask
  • Simon Manus, Arm of God and Simon Manus, Awakened God – Arm of God, Fallen One’s Ergo
  • The Nameless Puppet (secret boss) – Nameless Puppet’s Ergo

There are a ton of bosses in Lies of P, and you will likely hit a wall and be unable to progress due to the game’s brutal difficulty. Ensure you know how to respec and get more Wishstones to help you gain the advantage over the game’s challenging enemies.

- This article was updated on September 18th, 2023

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