How to Get Trinity Keys in Lies of P

Here's how you can find Trinity Keys in Lies of P.

by Christian Bognar
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As you progress into Lies of P, you’ll encounter green doors with a triangle symbol. These green doors, called “Trinity Doors, ” require a unique key to open. On the other side of Trinity Doors are rare rewards such as powerful weapons or Quartz for the P-Organ. This guide will cover how to get Trinity Keys in Lies of P.

Where Can You Find Trinity Keys in Lies of P?

Players can find Trinity Keys in Lies of P by picking up ringing phones from Telephone Booths across the game’s many chapters. When you pick up the telephone, a Riddler on the other end likes to play a game with you where you must answer the riddle correctly. Answering the riddle correctly will reward you with a Trinity Key, while answering wrong will result in the Riddler hanging up.

Sometimes, you’ll come across a Telephone Booth where the phone won’t ring; this means one of three things. One, you missed the phone call on a previous visit to the specific level. Two, you answered the call already. Or three, sometimes you must revisit a level during a Cryptic Vessel or a certain point in the story, where the telephone will ring.

The game makes it clear when a phone is ringing, and you can hear it from a great distance, so make sure you have your volume up while playing Lies of P.

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All Phone Riddle Answers in Lies of P

The riddles during the phone calls aren’t the toughest, and there are always only two options. Being multiple-choice, you have a 50/50 shot. Still, if you want to get 100 percent of the answers correct for every Trinity Key, we have the answers below.

  • Phone Call #1: Chapter 2 – Human
  • Phone Call #2: Chapter 5 – Candle
  • Phone Call #3: Chapter 7 – Egg
  • Phone Call #4: Chapter 9 – Ergo
  • Phone Call #5: Chapter 10 – Yes

Considering there are five riddle phone calls in Lies of P, players can find five Trinity Keys. Each Trinity Door obtains a unique reward, so make sure to check them all out!

- This article was updated on September 18th, 2023

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