All Fortnite Weapon Mods & Attachments Explained

Learn about all weapon mods and attachments in Fortnite!

by Christian Bognar
Fortnite Mods and Attachments Chapter 5

Fortnite has added mods in Chapter 5, allowing players to customize their guns during a match and increasing their chances of surviving until the end. The mods available each provide a unique buff that improves the gun’s stats, making it deadlier and more effective.

This guide has everything you need to know about weapon mods and attachments in Fortnite Chapter 5, including all available options, what they do, and how to find them on the map.

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All Weapon Mods and Attachments in Fortnite

There are four categories of weapon mods and attachments in Fortnite Chapter 5, including Optics, Magazine, Underbarrel, and Barrel. Let’s review each individually and explain the effect each has on your gun.

Barrel Mods

Players can acquire two Barrel attachments during a match: the Muzzle Break and Suppressor. The Muzzle Break reduces your gun’s recoil tenfold, making it much easier to land shots on your target. Meanwhile, the suppressor makes your gun quieter, helping with a stealthy playstyle.

  • Muzzle Break: Reduce gun recoil.
  • Suppressor: Reduce the noise of your shots.

Magazine Mods

Next, we have Magazine mods and attachments, arguably the most important in the Battle Royale game. There are two options to choose from: Drum Mag or Speed Mag. The former increases your magazine size, allowing you to carry more ammo, and the latter increases your reload speed, potentially saving you in a challenging situation.

  • Drum Mag: Increase magazine size.
  • Speed Mag: Increase reload speed.

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Optics Mods

Out of all the categories for mods and attachments available in Fortnite Chapter 5, the Optics have the most options. There are four Optics to choose from: Sniper Scope, P2X Optic, Holo-13 Optic, and Red EyeSight. The main goal of the Optics mods is to allow for zooming in for long-range shots and increasing accuracy. Here are all the Optics mods in Fortnite Chapter 5 and the Scoped View stats.

  • Sniper Scope: 4x Scoped View
  • P2X Optic: 2x Scoped View
  • Holo-13 Optic: 1.3x Scoped View
  • Red Eye Sight: 1.15x Scoped View

Underbarrel Mods

Lastly, we have Underbarrel mods: Angled Foregrip, Laser, and Vertical Foregrip. The Angled Foregrip provides a reduced ADS time, the Laser assists in hipfiring, and the Vertical Foregrip reduces both ADS recoil and shots spread. Here is an overview of all Underbarrel mods in Fortnite Chapter 5:

  • Angled Foregrip: Aim down sight reduction.
  • Laser: Helps with hipfiring.
  • Vertical Foregrip: Reduces both ADS recoil and shot spread.

How to Mod a Gun in Fortnite

To attach weapon mods to your guns in Fortnite Chapter 5, you must first find a Mod Bench on the map. These Mod Benches are located inside the five vaults scattered across the map, which can be accessed after defeating the boss in the same area as the vault. Once you defeat the boss, it will drop a Society Medallion which you can use to open the vault and access the Mod Bench. Lastly, interact with the Mod Bench and start customizing your gun!

- This article was updated on December 4th, 2023

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