All Fruit in A One Piece, Ranked – Fruits Tier List

A players' strength can be measured if they have the power of a devil fruit!

by RJ Jacinto
Image: Boss Studio

One Piece is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, anime in the world right now. It’s so big that the biggest game platform in the world, Roblox, has a One Piece game of its own. 

Like in the anime, the players’ strength can be measured if they have the power of a devil fruit or not, and even if they have the power of a devil fruit, it will still depend on what devil fruit you have. So we have compiled all the devil fruits in A One Piece and ranked them accordingly.

The Best Devil Fruits in A One Piece Game

Image: Boss Studio

We’re basing this tier list on the popularity of the fruit in the anime and the strength of its skills in the game. So without further ado, here are the best devil fruits in a One Piece game.

S – Tier

Magma (Magu Magu no Mi)LogiaLegendaryYes
Dragon Fruit (Uo Uo no Mi)ZoanMythicalNo
Soul Fruit (Soru Soru No Mi)ParameciaMythicalNo
Rubber (Gomu Gomu No Mi)Paramecia/ZoanLegendaryYes

A – Tier

Mochi (Mochi Mochi no Mi)ParameciaLegendaryYes
Quake (Gura Gura no Mi)ParameciaMythicalYes
String (Ito Ito no Mi)ParameciaMythicalYes
Dark Fruit (Yami Yami No Mi)LogiaMythicalNo
Phoenix Fruit(Tori Tori No Mi, Model: Phoenix)ZoanMythicalYes
Gravity Fruit (Zushi Zushi no Mi)ParameciaMythicalNo
Magnet Fruit (Jiki Jiki no Mi)ParameciaMythicalNo


Fire (Mera Mera no Mi)LogiaRareYes
Ice (Hie Hie no Mi)LogiaRareYes
Lightning (Goro Goro no Mi)LogiaRareYes
Light (Pika Pika no Mi)LogiaRareYes
Operation Fruit (Ope-Ope no Mi)ParameciaMythicalNo
Paw (Nikyu Nikyu no Mi)ParameciaLegendaryNo


Buddha (Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu)ZoanMythicalNo
Chop (Bara Bara no Mi)ParameciaCommonYes
Smoke (Moku Moku no Mi)LogiaRareYes
Venom (Doku Doku Mi)ParameciaRareYes
Bomb Fruit (Bomu Bomu no Mi)ParameciaBombasticNo
Gas (Gasu Gasu no Mi)LogiaRareNo


Barrier (Bari Bari no Mi)ParameciaCommonNo
Sand (Suna Suna no Mi)LogiaRareNo
Invisible (Suke Suke no Mi)ParameciaCommonNo

How to Get Devil Fruits in A One Piece Game

Image: Boss Studio

There are multiple ways to obtain devil fruits in A One Piece Game:

  • Chests: Just like the anime, some devil fruits are found inside treasure chests but do note that the chance of finding one in the game is just 0.1% so don’t get your hopes up.
  • Purchases: If you have the beli or Robux, you can buy fruits from the Robux shop or Logue Town. A fruit costs 25 million beli or 1,000 Robux.
  • Random Spawns: If you’re lucky, you can find a devil fruit in the wilderness. They will spawn every 30 minutes and then disappear in ten if no one finds them.
  • Raids: Raids are available in Logue town, and you can be rewarded with a devil fruit if you complete it.

So as much as you’d want to imitate your favorite character in the game, you’d have to consider if it’s feasible. We hope you’ll enjoy the game, nakama.

- This article was updated on January 10th, 2023

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