All Gas Station Exits in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Gun Interactive

The Gas Station has five total exits, one of which you can rush immediately if done correctly. However, if you allow the Family time to set up their patrols properly, or feed Grandpa enough blood, it can be challenging to escape, so knowing your different exits are critical. Here are all Gast Station exits in Texas Chain Saw Massacre so you know where to escape from the Slaughter Family!

All Gas Station Exits in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Image: Gun Interactive

In four ways, you can escape using the Gast Station exits in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The map above shows the location of each exit and the items you need to find, and the locations to use them to open each exit.

Here is the map legend:

  • Arrow: Exit Location
  • Heart: Item Location
  • Star: Door Unlock
  • Triangle: Grandpa Location

For instance, you can find the Valve item at the Green Heart locations and then will need to take it to the Pressure Valve door to unlock at the Green Star locations. Once you have attached the Valve to the Pressure Valve door unlock and spun it, you can exit the Family House at the Green Arrow, which is the exit gate itself.

Car Battery Rear Gate Exit

Image: Gun Interactive

You must unlock the Rear Gate exit by turning off one of two possible car battery locations, one south and one east of the exit gate. Don’t forget that you will need one Unlock Tool to unlock the gate. I always recommend that you unlock the gate first and then turn off the car battery so you can make a quick escape once the electrified grate is disabled. There’s nothing worse than a Family member seeing you disabling the battery only not to be able to quickly open the gate, which will lead to your death.

Pressure Valve Exit

Image: Gun Interactive

The Pressure Valve exit is one of the hardest Gas Station exits because the Pressure Valve Control can be located in one of two locations near the house’s exterior. You can find it outside the house by the Rear Bedroom or near the House. This makes it challenging to complete since they are common areas for Family members to patrol. In addition, you can find the Valve item in the following random spawn locations:

  • Compound
  • Backfield
  • Living Room
  • House Exterior, outside Living Room
  • Compound, by the Shop Backroom
  • Backfield, by the Barn
  • Backfield, by the Valve Exit

I only recommend using this exit if Family members are camping in the Generator and Road or the Car Battery exit areas.

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South Road Exit (Generator)

Image: Gun Interactive

The Generator Road Exit is located on the northeast side of the map. However, you must go southeast of the exit to locate the generator you need to break. This area is very easy for one Family member to patrol, so you must be careful not to expose yourself when breaking the generator or having it turned back on again. It is recommended that someone with a high strength break the generator so it can be done quickly.

Rear Exit (North Road Exit)

Image: Gun Interactive

The East Road exit is the most accessible Gast Station exit to escape from because all you need is one Unlock Tool once you escape the basement. You don’t need to complete any objectives and can rush this exit if you want to escape immediately. Don’t forget you can loot a Blue Toolbox multiple times, meaning you should have at least one Unlock Tool in your inventory when you leave the basement (I always have two unless I’m playing an offensive character). Otherwise, you can play a character like Connie, who can quickly pick the lock and escape without worrying about the negatives of your unique ability.

Basement Fuse Box Exit (Fuse)

Image: Gun Interactive

Before you escape the basement, you should have one Unlock Tool in your inventory because you will need it to unlock the Fusebox. Finding one in the basement is easy because you aren’t as exposed to the Family. After that, the Fuse item will spawn in the Garden Shed, Living Room, or Compound. Once you have the Fuse, you can find the Fusebox in the Front Bedroom, Rear Bedroom, or the Storage Shed.

Once you have the fuse box unlocked, you can solve the Fusebox puzzle by correctly adding the numbers and colors. Finally, you can exit using the Fuse exit, located in the basement’s North Tunnel section. Remember, you can jump down a well if you can’t find an entrance to the basement or are being chased by a Family member.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on my Lenovo gaming laptop.

- This article was updated on August 29th, 2023

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