All Monkey Paw Wishes in Phasmophobia

My wish came true, but at what cost?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you looking for a guide with all Monkey Paw wishes in Phasmophobia? The Monkey Paw is one of the best cursed items in the game as it allows you to complete objectives, protect yourself from the ghost, save a fellow ghost hunter, and much more. However, knowing where to find it and how to use it can be tricky. So, here is all Monkey Paw wishes in Phasmophobia, so you know precisely how to is it based on how your current contract is going.

How to Use the Monkey Paw in Phasmophobia

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Monkey Paw has a 1 in 7 chance of being chosen as the cursed possession during a contract. There is one specific spawn location per map, with the Sunny Meadows location having all of them. You can use one wish from the table below per contract.

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The difficulty level you choose determines how many totals wishes you get per contract. Here is the difficulty breakdown:

  • 0 – 1.99: 5 Wishes
  • 2 – 2.99: 4 Wishes
  • 3 or Higher: 3 Wishes
Wish TypeWish ChoiceWish EffectsSunny Meadows Wish Location
GhostI wish to see the ghostTriggers a ghost event in front of the player: the ghost will materialize before them as their vision is obscured with a dark fog. The ghost will remain still for around 5 seconds before it disappears, triggering a cursed hunt at its summon location. The player’s vision will continue to be obscured for this hunt and will return to normal once it ends.Manager Office
GhostI wish for activity

I wish the ghost would do something
Doubles all ghost activity for 2 minutes (including throws, doors, roaming, abilities, etc.). The fuse box will break permanently, and the exit door will be locked for 2 minutes.Chapel
GhostI wish to trap the ghost

I wish the ghost was trapped
Teleports the ghost to its favorite room and locks all its doors for 1 minute. The ghost cannot hunt, roam, or use abilities during this period. This will also lock all doors of the player’s current room for 1 minute. After this period, all doors will unlock, and the ghost will start a cursed hunt. There is a 25% chance for doors to unlock only after the grace period.Female Dorm Room
GhostI wish to be sane

I wish for sanity
Sets every player to 50% sanity. The passive sanity drain will be multiplied by 1.5, and the ghost’s favorite room will be set to a random room.Kitchen
PlayerI wish to be safeOpens up the nearest hiding spot. The lights in the player’s current room will shatter, and for the rest of the contract, the ghost will be able to hear the player who made the wish and sense their active electronics at any range.Matron Office 1
PlayerI wish to leaveUnlocks all exit doors at any time, including during hunts. The player’s speed will be reduced before slowly returning over 5 seconds. Their vision will also be reduced for this duration.Hospital Wing
OtherI wish to revive my friend

I wish for life
Revives a dead player, but the player who made the wish has a 50% chance of dying.Classroom
OtherI wish for knowledgeRemoves one false evidence and corresponding ghost types from the wisher’s journal. The ghost will then start a hunt near the wisher, and they will have muffled audio and reduced vision until death or when the round ends.Restricted Wing
OtherI wish for the weather:
Clear Sky
Changes the weather as desired. This will cause a temporary blindness effect while the weather changes, deducting 25% of sanity from the player. For example, wishing for rain has a 50/50 chance of granting either light or heavy rain.Morgue
OtherI wish for anythingRandomly grants one of the (unused) wishes above.Waiting Room

Author Note: I wrote this guide while playing Phasmophobia using my Steam Deck.

- This article was updated on April 28th, 2023

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