All MW3 Zombies Schematic Locations and Loot Table

Use this loot table for all schematic locations in MW3 Zombies.

by Christian Bognar
All MW3 Zombies Schematic Locations and Loot Table
Image: Activision

Schematics are a unique mechanic in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, allowing for some much-needed progression outside combat. Schematics enable the player to start with specific items and weapons at the start of the match instead of having to go and find them on the map.

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All Schematics Locations in MW3 Zombies

At the time of writing, there are 27 schematics players can find while playing MW3 Zombies. Each schematic takes work, some more than others, but they are worth searching for as they can give you a massive advantage at the beginning of the match. The table below covers all schematics in MW3 and how to claim them.

Schematic Loot Table

SchematicHow to Get
Brain RotContracts in Tier 1 zones.
Cyro FreezeAct 2 Mission
Death PerceptionAct 3 Mission
Deadshot DaquiriContracts in Tier 1 zones.
Dead WireContracts in Tier 2 zones.
Elemental PopContracts in Tier 3 zones.
Epic Aether ToolContracts in Tier 3 Zones.
Jugger-NogContracts in Tier 2 zones.
Naplam BurstContracts in Tier 1 zones.
PHD FlopperContracts in Tier 2 zones.
Quick ReviveAct 1 Mission
Rare Aether ToolAct 2 Mission
Ray GunContracts in Tier 3 zones.
Raw Aetherium CrystalContracts in Tier 2 zones.
Refined Aetherium CrystalContracts in Tier 3 zones.
Shatter BlastContracts in Tier 2 zones.
Stamin-UpContracts in Tier 1 zones.
Speed ColaContracts in Tier 1 zones.
TombstoneContracts in Tier 3 zones.
Uncommon Aether ToolAct 1 Mission
Wunderwaffle DG-2Act 3 Mission
ScorcherDefeating the Greylorm boss in the Aether Storm
Legendary Aether ToolDefeating the Greylorm boss in the Aether Storm
Flawless Aetherium CrystalDefeating the Greylorm boss in the Aether Storm
Dog BoneCompleting contracts in the Elder Dark Aether Rift
Golden Armor PlateCompleting contracts in the Elder Dark Aether Rift
Aether BladeCompleting contracts in the Elder Dark Aether Rift

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How to Claim Schematics in MW3 Zombies

After you complete the requirement under the “how to get” section of the loot table, a reward rift will appear that has a chance to contain the schematic you are looking for. If the schematic isn’t inside the reward rift, you must redo the requirement until it finally drops.

For the schematics that require a contract in a specific zone, I recommend completing contracts that don’t take much time and can be farmed. For example, the Deliver Cargo contract is quick as all it requires you to do is drive to a specific location. Focusing on this short contract will allow you to complete it numerous times, speeding up the time for the schematic to appear in the reward rift!

How to Enter the Elder Dark Aether Rift in MW3 Zombies

For the newer schematics added to a recent update to MWZ, you must reach the Elder Dark Aether Rift. To do this, you must first find four sigils across the base map and place them on the pedestals near the entrance of the Dark Aether, leading to the first level of the Dark Aether Rift.

Once inside, you must then find four Elder Sigils to enter the “deeper” level of the Rift called the Elder Dark Aether Rift. You will find the schematics mentioned in the table on this Elder Dark Aether level.

How to Fight the Greylorm Boss in MW3 Zombies

Players can fight the Greylorm hidden boss by finding four Calibration Data USBs and placing them on the Refractor Terminals inside the Aether Storm. Once you complete that task, the Greylorm will appear after a few minutes, commencing the boss fight. After defeating the boss, check the reward rift for the chance of the schematic to drop.

If the schematic doesn’t appear in the reward rift, then you must repeat the process and defeat the Greylorm boss again.

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