All New TF2 Summer 2023 Cosmetics

Here are all 25 new cosmetics added to Team Fortress 2 in the Summer update!

by Christian Bognar
New Summer Cosmetics Team Fortress 2
Image: Valve

Team Fortress 2 Summer update is one of the most extensive updates the game has received in quite some time. With bug fixes, stability improvements, and all-new content added to the game released in 2007 — fans are excited to get back into the action. Some new content includes cosmetics for all classes, where players can show new styles against other players. Here are all the new taunts included in Team Fortress 2 2023 summer update!

All New Team Fortress 2 Summer Update Cosmetics

There are 25 new cosmetics added to the summer update for Team Fortress 2. Each class got some love with new cosmetics and styles. Here are all the cosmetics included in the update, corresponding with the class they are for.

  • Scout – Brimmed Bootlegger (Hat)
  • Scout – Prohibition Opposition (Shirt)
  • Soldier – Four styles of Close Quarters Cover (Bandana)
  • Soldier – Two styles of Stealth Bomber (Body)
  • Pyro – Two styles for Flame Warrior (Head)
  • Pyro – Firestalker (Head)
  • Pyro – Soho Sleuth (Body)
  • Demoman – Two styles for Blast Bowl (Head)
  • Demoman – Two styles for Shrapnel Shell (Body)
  • Heavy – Three styles of Brother Man (Hat)
  • Heavy – Heavy Metal (Body)
  • Heavy – Hog Heels (Pants)
  • Engineer – Four styles of Hazard Handler (Hat)
  • Engineer – Cargo Constructer (Body)
  • Engineer – Cranium Cooler (Head)
  • Medic – Uber Wear (Body)
  • Medic – Medical Emergency (Body Accessory)
  • Sniper – Two styles for Cranium Cover (Head)
  • Sniper – Glorious Gambeson (Body)
  • Sniper – Bushman (Body)
  • Sniper – Preventative Measure (Body)
  • Spy – Three styles for Cleaner’s Cap (Head)
  • Spy – Two styles for LA Professional (Body)
  • All Classes – Brothers in Blues (Hat)
  • All Classes – Full Metal Helmet (Hat)

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All New Taunts in Team Fortress 2 Summer Update

According to the official Team Fortress 2 blog page, six new taunts are added to the game in the summer update. They are community made, meaning the fans made every one of them! Here are all six new taunts added to Team Fortress 2.

  • Killer Joke
  • Spangled Strategy
  • The Head Doctor
  • Tuefort Tango
  • The Road Rager
  • The Killer Signature

So, there you have it! Six new ways to gloat and anger your opponents. If these taunts catch your interest, read further to learn how to claim all of them.

How to Claim Summer Update New Taunts in Team Fortress 2

According to the Team Fortress 2 blog page, the six new taunts will be available on the Mann Co. Store. This store is the one-stop shop for many games, including Team Fortress 2, Rust, Dota 2, CS:GO, and more! At the time of writing, though, I had trouble finding the taunts in the store’s search engine — so it looks like they haven’t officially been added yet. I recommend checking the store periodically to find the new taunts, as Valve will most likely add the taunts soon.

As for price, we are still determining exactly how much the taunts will run for. There’s no information on Team Fortress 2’s blog page on whether they will cost anything or be free for all TFT2 players.

Until then, feel free to discover all the new maps added to the Team Fortress 2 summer update. These are also community made — which makes me happy as it shows Valve is showing love to its fanbase.

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2023

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