All Phasmophobia Ouija Board Phrases, Explained

Know the right things to say, this is one way you don't want to get ghosted.

by J.R. Waugh


The Ouija Board is a versatile, dangerous tool for Phasmophobia.  Like the other Cursed Possessions it has a fixed spawn location on any given map and a 1-in-6 chance of appearing on your contract, but unlike the Mirror, Voodoo Doll, Music Box, or Tarot Cards, it can’t be picked up, but rather interacted with, and spoken to.  Read on for our guide on All Phasmophobia Ouija Board Phrases!

All Phasmophobia Ouija Board Phrases, Explained

Before any interaction with the Ouija Board, you must first get the planchette (press ‘LMB’ to interact with the board for this) then you may begin asking questions; the questions must be valid ones, otherwise, they won’t count.  Anyone nearby the board (10 feet/3 meters approx.) will be able to ask the board questions, and as long as the phrase is recognized, the ghost will respond, regardless of where they are, by spelling answers out on the board with the planchette, or answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  This essentially makes the board a more flexible version of the Spirit Box, but costs varying levels of sanity, so we’ve gone ahead and listed the valid phrases or topics based on sanity costs below:

5% Sanity Cost Ouija Board Phrases

  • Age (“How old are you?” “What is your age?”)
  • Cause of Death (“How did you die?”)
  • Death (“When did you die?” “How long have you been dead?”)
  • Feelings/Emotions (“How do you feel?” “Are you okay?”)
  • Joke (“Knock knock!” “Marco!”)
  • Purpose (“Why are you here?”)
  • Sanity (“Am I insane?” “What is my sanity?”)
  • Yes or No (“Am I pretty?” “Are we friends?”)

20% Sanity Cost Ouija Board Phrases

  • Bone Location (“Where is the bone?”)
  • Headcount (“How many people are here?” “How many are in this room?”)
  • Present Location/Proximity (“Are you here?” “Are you close?”)
  • Shyness (“Do you respond to everyone?”)

25% Sanity Cost Ouija Board Phrases

  • Hide and Seek (“Would you like to play hide and seek?” “Hide and seek?”)

40% Sanity Cost Ouija Board Phrases

  • Location/Ghost Room (“Where are you?” “Where is your room?”

The 5% phrases are largely inconsequential but can be used as a way to steadily drain your sanity if trying to meet an average sanity objective.  The headcount phrases can help if you are suspecting the ghost might be in the same room as the board if you remove the player characters from any count the ghost give (any remainder is a ghost) or you even ask if they are in the room.  Asking the specific location, a.k.a. ghost room, is the most costly option but yields the clearest results, and the Bone Location is an excellent option if you’re in a bigger location and need to track it down for easy money.  Have sanity pills handy, and be mindful of the questions you ask, and you’ll have no trouble.

There are ways in which you can draw hunts from the board, which can be beneficial if used carefully.  The Hide and Seek option is solid when used correctly, such as to draw out the ghost for photo evidence, but it is a cursed hunt so be careful.  When you’re done with the Ouija Board, make sure to say ‘goodbye’ before walking away, otherwise the board breaks and initiates a cursed hunt.


This concludes our guide on All Phasmophobia Ouija Board Phrases!  There are variations on the phrases listed above you can try, but you’ve got a safe bet on any of the ones listed when tracking paranormal phenomena.  Be sure to check out our other guides, including those on other cursed possessions or the layouts of the game’s current maps, and equip yourself for future contracts!

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