All Phasmophobia Maps and Layouts – Small, Medium, and Large Game Maps

Make sure not to get lost with this guide to all the Phasmophobia maps!

by J.R. Waugh


One of the greatest aspects of Phasmophobia is a variety of maps based upon different locales within the United States, each giving off a different type of spooky, ominous vibe diving into a distinctly American glimpse of the paranormal.  You could be going through your garden variety haunted house, where a tragic death occurred leaving a vengeful spirit, or go through a massive, abandoned high school with plenty of creepy, derelict rooms in which the ghost could reside.  Here’s our guide to All Phasmophobia Maps and Layouts!

All Phasmophobia Maps and Layouts – Small, Medium, and Large Game Maps

There are currently 10 maps you can select for contracts in Phasmophobia, ranging in size from 10 rooms to as many as a staggering 111 rooms, each with a corresponding map you can consult from within the truck.  We’ve gone ahead and provided a listing of maps categorized by size, small, medium, and large.  We’ve taken the liberty to also include possible generator spawn locations (green emblems) and the locations of cursed possessions on each given map.  This includes the Haunted Mirror (black and purple mirror), Music Box (black quarter note), Ouija Board (yellow planchette), Summoning Circle (pentagram), Tarot Cards (blue cards), and Voodoo Doll.

Phasmophobia – All Small Maps

Grafton Farmhouse


A relatively small map in Phasmophobia, this rustic 2-floor home is small enough for a quick ghost-hunting party to get in, gather their evidence, and get out, but produces enough of an old American horror vibe to entice the players looking for a good scare.  The rooms are rather large and open, although not well-lit if you turn on the generator, so prepare your flashlights.  Grafton has 2 floors, and 13 rooms total.

Tanglewood Street House


The single most approachable map in the game either for fledgling parties or solo players looking for a quick contract, the Tanglewood Streethouse is a tiny, modern house with only 2 bedrooms and a nursery, even the larger rooms can feel claustrophobic, and the basement is only one small room down the stairs.  If you’re stuck in a ghost hunt, prepare to kite the ghost around the kitchen island, or hide in the numerous closets around the area.  Tanglewood has 2 floors, and 11 rooms total.

Willow Street House


Despite having one fewer room than the Tanglewood residence, this house is surprisingly spacious and generously laid out, allowing a greater range of movement for players, including opportunities to juke ghosts if needed.  Everything from the landscaping to the furniture suggests this house belonged to a well-to-do family, although the ghosts certainly don’t carry around any extra funds; perhaps it’s the vengeful spirit of a resident who was cut from the will?  Willow has 2 floors, 10 rooms total.

Phasmophobia – All Medium Maps

Bleasdale Farmhouse


Similar to the Grafton Farmhouse, the Bleasdale is a large estate inhabited by its owners for several generations, and while its rooms are still quite spacious, it’s even more unsettling.  With homes like these, searching through them only to find axes embedded in their mirrors can only ever be ominous.  Upstairs you’ll also find a wide-open attic area, which is also the spawn room for the Summoning Circle, because why not make that space into a great hunting ground with limited space to hide, and only one exit to the lower floor?  Bleasdale has 3 floors, and 16 rooms total.

Edgefield Street House


A larger family home, Edgefield has a lot of the smaller rooms similar to Tanglewood, but in greater quantity, as well as a fair number of narrow hallways which can become stressful when a hunt begins.  Something about modern homes and suddenly losing all power makes for an especially anxious experience when you’re scrambling to find a place safe enough to hide or escape from a prowling specter.  Edgefield has 3 floors, 16 rooms total.

Maple Lodge Campsite


A distinctly original map in Phasmophobia, the Campsite empowers the player with lots of options for hiding places among the many tents, cabins, or restrooms, but also enables the ghost to roam the outdoors.  The Hantu can be particularly dangerous on this map, and due to being outdoors for most of the map, using the thermometer to check for evidence or the ghost room can be trickier.  But the campfire near the gates is sure to have been a gathering place to tell some scary ghost stories, some of which may very well come true.  Maple Lodge is a large open area, with a 2-floor cabin on the opposite side (key hidden under the welcome mat) giving the location a total of 3 floors, 25 rooms.

Ridgeview Road House


Ridgeview Road House is very similar to a larger Willow Street House but larger.  The basement is quite sizeable with plenty of obstacles you can use to skirt around the ghost, so long as you keep track of your path.  Upstairs there are also several corners you can turn to shake a pursuing spirit off your tail while you either make a run for downstairs or a nearby closet, of which there are many on this map.  Ridgeview has 3 floors and 16 rooms.

Phasmophobia – All Large Maps



The Asylum is a source of frustration and fear among many players for all the right reasons.  It represents a dark chapter in American history on how medical professionals felt they needed to handle mental health and presents plenty of narrative and immersive opportunities to explain any hauntings you might come across.  Many rooms are rather small and highly similar, and this map is a strong case for having a teammate in the truck tracking the team’s whereabouts.  It can be very easy to lose track of your position or accidentally cut yourself off from the group.  The Asylum map in this game is the easiest map to get lost in, featuring a staggering 111 rooms across its 2 floors.

Brownstone High School


Brownstone High School is a shining example of when the game’s map design renders a powerful horror vibe and capitalizes on one of the greatest ways in which the game inspires dread: when hunting ghosts, you never want to get lost or cut off from your teammates.  Whether you’re searching through the vandalized library or wandering the ominously empty basketball court, this place plays up the anxiety factor and, while the rooms are relatively large and spacious, you’ll want to keep an eye on your surroundings at all times with all the environmental objects so scattered and easily moved about by poltergeists.  Brownstone has 2 floors and 58 rooms.



While the Prison doesn’t boast as many rooms as the other large maps in Phasmophobia, it certainly is one of the most intricately designed ones.  It doesn’t have the messiness or run-down qualities that the Asylum or High School have, but instead is a sprawling map filled with large open areas such as a cafeteria and numerous security offices, bathrooms, and connecting hallways which are easy to get lost in but yet distinctive and memorable.  Being hunted while in the prison feels especially upsetting when you realize that the front door locks, and indeed it’s not only the ghost trapped in the building.  The Prison has 2 floors, and 29 rooms total.

This concludes our guide to All Phasmophobia Maps and Layouts!  Be sure to check out our other guides for the game, and equip yourself to hunt for all things paranormal!


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