All Recipes in Boba Story

Learn how to make all these tasty drinks!

by Christian Bognar , Davi Braid
Boba Story Recipes
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Are you looking for all the recipes in Boba Story? With many combinations, figuring out the exact formula for a specific drink can take time and effort. Don’t worry, though, as we have compiled a complete list of all Boba Story recipes.

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Complete Recipe List for Boba Story

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Below you will find all the recipes discovered so far in Boba Story in alphabetical order:

Boba Recipe NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3
Autumn Leaf BobaCloudFlowerTapioca Pearls
Bear BobaBearBearTapioca Pearls
Bee BobaHoneybeesHoneybeesTapioca Pearls
Black and White BobaCloudTapioca PearlsMilk
Boba Cheese FoamSugar CubeStrawberry MilkTapioca Pearls
Bread BobaStrawberry MilkMilkTapioca Pearls
Brown Cat BobaSodaTapioca PearlsMilk
Chick BobaChickChickTapioca Pearls
Cloud BobaCloudsCloudsTapioca Pearls
Cow BobaMilkChickTapioca Pearls
Deer BobaMushroomFlowerTapioca Pearls
Diamond BobaPlanetDinosaurTapioca Pearls
Dinosaur BobaDinosaurDinosaurTapioca Pearls
Dragon BobaCloudDinosaurBoba
Dragon CreamDinosaurCloudMilk
Dragon Fruit BobaDinosaurMushroomTapioca Pearls
Fish BobaCloudMushroomTapioca Pearls
Flower BobaFlowersFlowersTapioca Pearls
Flower SyrupSugar CubeSugar CubeFlower
Frog BobaFrogTapioca PearlsTapioca Pearls
Frog SyrupFrogsFrogsSugar Cube
Galaxy BobaStarTapioca PearlsSaturn looking planet
Galaxy SyrupStarSugar CubeSaturn looking planet
Glitter SyrupStarStarCloud
Gold Flakes & Whipped CreamStrawberry MilkStarBee
Gummy BearsBear trinketsBear trinketsBear trinkets
Heart BobaHeartHeartTapioca Pearls
Heart SyrupHearsHearsSugar Cube
Honeyhoneybee trinketshoneybee trinketshoneybee trinkets
Ice-cream BobaSugar CubeMilkTapioca Pearls
Koala BobaCloudBobaBear
Lychee SodaSodaSodaSoda
MarshmallowsChicksChicksSugar Cube
Moon BobaSaturn looking planetTapioca Pearlsheart
Mushroom BobaMushroomHeartTapioca Pearls
Mushroom JellyMushroomsMushroomsSugar Cube
Oreo Crème BruleeSugar CubeMilkMilk
Panda Bear BobaBearHoneybeeTapioca Pearls
Pig BobaPigsPigsTapioca Pearls
Pineapplepineapple trinketspineapple trinketspineapple trinkets
Pineapple BobaPineapplesPineapplesTapioca Pearls bottle
Pineapple JellyPineapplesPineapplesSugar Cube
Pink Dinosaur BobaHeartTapioca PearlsDinosaur
Planet BobaSaturn looking planetSaturn looking planetTapioca Pearls
Polar Bear BobaBearSodaTapioca Pearls
Polar Bear SyrupBearSodaSugar Cube
Pumpkin BobaMushroomStarTapioca Pearls
Rainbow Heart BobaHeartTapioca PearlsStar
Rainbow SyrupHeartSugar CubeStar
Ribbon Bear BobaHeartStrawberry MilkTapioca Pearls
Rose PetalsFlowerFlowerFlower
Rose Petals SyrupFlowerSugar CubeBee
Royal Milk TeaStrawberry MilkStrawberry MilkTapioca Pearls
Sakura PetalsFlowerFlowerHeart
Sakura Petals SyrupFlowerFlowerSoda
Smiley Face BobaStarStrawberry MilkTapioca Pearls
Sprinkles & Whipped CreamStrawberry MilkSugar CubeSugar Cube
Star BobaStarStarTapioca Pearls
Strawberry Cow BobaSodaTapioca PearlsHoneybee
Strawberry Foam RecipeSakuraStrawberry milkSugar
Strawberry MilkStrawberry MilkStrawberry MilkStrawberry Milk
Strawberries & Whipped CreamStrawberry MilkFlowerSugar Cube
Sunflower BobaStarTapioca PearlsFlower
Unicorn BobaSodaTapioca PearlsSoda
White bunny bobaCloudSugarRamune
White Cat BobaSodaTapioca PearlsHeart
Whipped CreamMilkMilkMilk

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How to Get Strawberry Milk in Boba Story

  1. Unlock Magic Den: Save 1,000 Leaves and buy the Magic Den on your café’s left side.
  2. Use Kokoro’s Gifts: After unlocking, interact with Kokoro’s Gifts daily for three free ingredients.
  3. Get Ingredients: Ingredients from Kokoro’s Gifts are random. Buy one for 400 Leaves or watch an ad for three.
  4. Patience: Strawberry Milk is rare, so keep trying until you get it.

Boba Story is available now for Android and iOS.

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