How to Make All Potions in Potion Craft: A Recipe Guide

All ingredients needed for every potion.

by Christian Bognar

There are tons of potions to create in Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator, and it can be a lot of fun experimenting and discovering what ingredients work together. While this is true, sometimes this process can be frustrating if you want to create a specific potion and are unsure about the correct formula. We wanted to help individuals out with that issue and write out a potion guide for all players so they can create whichever potion they want whenever they want.

All Potions Recipes and Instructions

Below you will find all the available potions in Potion Craft, including the ingredients needed.

Wild Growth Potion3 Terraria, 2 Firebell, 1 Windbloom.
Acid Potion4 Terraria, 6 Firebell.
Charm Potion6 Windbloom, 1 Firebell, 1 Sulphur Shelf.
Swiftness Potion4 Windbloom
Bounce Potion3 Thunder Thistle, 1 Witch Mushroom.
Hallucinations Potion1 Witch Mushroom, 1 Windbloom, 1 Waterbloom.
Libido Potion1 Red Mushroom, 1 Hairy Banana, 1 Windbloom, 1 Firebell, 1 Terraria.
Levitation Potion1 Firebell, 2 Windblooms, 1 Witch Mushroom, 1 Sulphur Shelf.
Harvest Potion1 Terraria, 1 Stinky Mushroom, 1 Waterbloom, 1 Tangleweed.
Strength Potion3 Terraria.
Stone Skin Potion3 Rerraria, 1 Firebell, 1 Stinky Mushroom, 1 Lifebloom, 1 Waterbloom
Explosion Potion1 Sulphur Shelf, 1 Windbloom, 1 Red Mushroom.
Slowness Potion5 Lifebloom, 1 Waterbloom, 1 Firebell.
Sleep Potion5 Waterbloom, 1 Terraria.
Poison Potion1 Terraria, 1 Red Mushroom.
Rage Potion4 Firebell, 2 Bloodthorn, 4 Windbloom, 1 Waterbloom.
Mana Potion2 Witch Mushroom.
Lightning Potion1 Windbloom, 1 Waterbloom, 1 Firebell.
Healing Potion1 Waterbloom, 1 Weirdshroom.
Fire Potion3 Firebell
Light Potion1 Windbloom, 2 Firebell.
Frost Potion1 Tangleweed, 1 Terreria.
Dexterity Potion4 Waterbloom, 1 Windbloom.
Potion of Invisibility2 Witch Mushrooms, 5 Windblooms, 2 Waterblooms.
Potion of Magical Vision3 Witch Mushroom, 1 Windbloom, 1 Waterbloom.

There you have it, all the potions, ingredients, and recipes for your Alchemy needs. Hopefully, this guide has helped you, and if you are interested in other guides for Potion Craft, we have plenty on our site for you to check out. Click here to discover how to learn a new talent in the game, and click here to understand how to rotate a potion. Both are essential in Potion Craft and can significantly affect how well your shop does.

You can currently play Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC, via Game Pass, GOG, and Steam.

- This article was updated on January 5th, 2023

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