All Resonance Interplays in Honkai Star Rail Swarm Disaster

Check out all the Resonance Interplays in Honkai Star Rail Swarm Disaster!

by Christian Bognar
All Resonance Interplays Honkai Star Rail
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Simulated Universe is a roguelike game mode that allows players of Honkai Star Rail to farm specific items such as Star Rail Tickets, Planar Ornaments, and more. If you’re a fan of this mode, look no further, as we will cover all Resonance Interplays in Honkai Star Rail Swarm Disaster.

Resonance Interplays List for Honkai Star Rail Swarm Disaster

Players can obtain the following Resonance Interplays by getting at least three Blessings from your base path and three of a different path. Doing so will create an Interplay with the first path. The player will cast a unique effect when the base resonance is used. Without further ado, all the Resonance Interplays in Honkai Star Rail Swarm Disaster are in the grid below.

Main PathSecondary PathNameEffect
PreservationNihilitySpiked ArmorThere is a 150% base chance for Path Resonance: Preservation to inflict Bleed on the attacked target for two turns. Bleeding targets will take Physical damage over time equal to 12% of their maximum Hp at the start of their turn. This damage can not exceed 250% of the total amount of Shield effects currently active on all allies.
PreservationRemembranceCold SnapWhen attacking Frozen enemies with Path resonance: Preservation, the damage dealt increases by 80% and the Freeze status on the enemy targets is removed. Dissociation won’t be removed by this effect.
RemembranceDestructionFaces PlacesWhen the Freeze effect caused by Path Resonance: Remembrance is dispelled or resisted by enemy targets, there is a 150% chance of lowering the target’s Resistance to all damage types by 15% for two turns. For every 1% HP each ally lost during the battle, the target’s Resistance to all damage types is lowered additionally by 0.06%.
RemembranceThe HuntLandscape in the MistWhen the Freeze effect caused by Path Resonance: Remembrance is dispelled or resisted by enemy targets, there is a 150% base chance of decreasing the targets’ Speed by 15% for two turns.
ElationAbundanceThe Taste of AnglerfishWhen Path Resonance: Elation deals damage, one debuff on an ally will randomly be dispelled.
ElationRemembranceGuinea Pig in Ice CoffinWhen Path Resonance: Elation deals Ice damage, there is a 150% chance to Freeze the target for one turn.
The HuntAbundanceShooting StarfireAfter defeating enemies with Path Resonance: Hunt, all allies regenerate HP equal to 50% of their maximum HP.
The HuntElationStarlit BreezeAfter using Path Resonance: Hunt, all allies’ Speed increases by 25 for two turns. This effect applies to summoned allied units as well.
DestructionPreservationSubstellar BeltUsing Path Resonance: Destruction will cause any character with a current HP % lower than 50% to gain a Shield equal to 40% of their maximum HP, which lasts for two turns.
DestructionElationZero Age Main SequenceWhen a character launches a follow-up attack, Path resonance: Destruction regenerates 5% Energy. If the character’s HP % is currently lower than 50%, an additional 5% Energy is gained.
NihilityThe HuntOff the Beaten TrackAfter using Path Resonance: Nihility, Advance Forward all allies’ actions by 4% for each type of damage over time the enemy is currently suffering from.
NihilityPropagationWhite NightsA character’s Basic Attack can cause all damage over time effects currently applied to the target via Path Resonance: Nihility to immediately deal damage equivalent to 40% of their original damage.
AbundancePropagationFirst Illuminate the MountainsAfter Path Resonance: Abundance restores HP to a character and if this exceeds their maximum HP, recover one Skill Point (can only trigger one time per use). After this effect is triggered, all damage dealt by allies is increased by 30% for two turns. This effect can stack up to two times.
AbundanceNihilityNullifying ArdorAfter using Path Resonance: Abundance, all allies’ Weakness Break Efficiency increases by 15% and Break Effect increases by 50%. This effect lasts for two turns and stacks up to two times.
PropagationDestructionSuperposition EyeAfter using Path Resonance: Propagation, nullifies all damage received by a single target ally except DoT. This status is dispelled after being attacked. If the target ally’s current HP % is lower than 50% of their maximum HP when Path Resonance: Propagation is used, a Skill Point will be recovered.
PropagationPreservationAdherent Microbial MatWhen using Path resonance: Propagation, a single target ally gains a Shield equal to 60% of their maximum HP, which lasts for three turns.

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Which is the Best Path in Swarm Disaster Honkai Star Rail

Below is a brief overview of what makes each path stand out in Swarm Disaster for Honkai Star Rail.

  • Abundance: Entry-level Path that will allow you to gather more blessings than any other path.
  • Preservation: Entry-level Path that focuses on Shielding.
  • Nihility: Strongest choice for base Simulated Universe due to its incredibly strong blessing.
  • Hunt: Best path for players looking to speedrun planes. 

At the end of the day, each path has its own strengths. I recommend choosing Abundance or Preservation if you are a newcomer to the game, but if you know what you are doing, the other options could work for you.

How Long is Honkai Star Rail Swarm Disaster?

Swarm Disaster in Honkai Star Rail is a permanent event. It was limited time before September 9, 2023, but once that date passed, it had been officially added to the game. This means players can participate in the roguelike event whenever they please, trying out all the Resonance Interplays mentioned in this guide!

- This article was updated on October 24th, 2023

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