All Slaughterhouse Exits in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, players who control the younger sister and friends of missing college student Maria Flores, known collectively as “the Victims,” face the arduous task of escaping before the cannibalistic Slaughter Family kills them. The Slaughter’s… erm, Slaughterhouse, is one of the many horrific locals the Victims can find themselves trapped in, and escaping this flesh-furnished deathtrap is no easy feat. Here is how Victims can escape the Slaughterhouse in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

All Slaughterhouse Exists in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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As with every other map in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Slaughterhouse has four exits, all of which must be unlocked or opened through different means. The map above has the location of all the Slaughterhouse’s escape points and the usual spawn points of the items you’ll need to access them. The four Slaughterhouse exits include the Road, Rear Gate, Fuse Box, and Valve.

Here’s the legend for the Slaughterhouse map.

  • Arrow: Exit Location
  • Star: Item Location
  • Diamond: Door Unlock

Loading Dock Exit (Car Battery)

The Car Battery exit can be found in the Northern loading dock area in the Slaughterhouse map. The gate is electrified, so you’ll need to trace the yellow cable that connects the door to a modified car battery and hold the E button to deactivate it. Once you’ve shut the battery off, you’ll need to pick the lock on the gate with a lockpicking tool before you can escape. If you don’t have one or break yours in the minigame you need to perform to open the door, you can get one from the toolbox to the right of the two doors leading into the parking lot.

Parking Lot Exit (East Road Generator)

The Slaughterhouse’s Generator Exit can be found in the Southeastern parking lot. Like the exit above, there is a nasty current of electricity provided by a nearby generator. To escape to the open road outside the walls of the Slaughterhouse, you’ll need to turn off the generator to kill the electrical current before you can make a break for it. Just look and ensure the light next to the gate is green, not red. Otherwise, you’ll be stunned by the shock and emit a scream that will let all of the Family members in range know precisely where you are.

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Pressure Valve Exit

The Pressure Valve Gate exit can be found in the northern region of the Slaughterhouse at the end of a wide-open junk-ridden field. To open the gate, you’ll need to find a water valve, which can spawn in one of several locations. Some of the most common spawning areas for the valve are the Facility Backdoor, the Exterior, and the Windmill.

Once you have the valve, you must return to the basement and attach it to one of the valve pumps below. Vavle pumps can be found in Leatherface’s Lair and the Boiler Room. Once you’ve connected the valve to it, turn it to overload the water pressure generator and open the gate. The gate will make a loud noise when it opens, letting both Victims and Family members know it is and giving you a chance to run for it. However, the gate will only be open briefly, as more than a few poor souls I played with found out the hard way.

Sewage Exit (Fuse)

The Fusebox Basement is located in the Fusebox Room, next to the Bone Room at the end of the Furnace Tunnel. To open it, you need to track down two things; the fusebox and a fuse you can use to activate it. The Slaughterhouse’s fuses tend to spawn in the Cutting Room, the Facility Courtyard, the garage near the Exterior, and Meat Inspection.

Now that you have the fuse, you need to get to the fusebox. The fusebox tends to be in the Facility Backdoor or the area between the Exterior bleeds into the Cattle Shute. Once you’ve found it, you’ll have to rearrange the fuses so the number in each row equals the number of amps listed on the right. Once you’ve done this, the door will open, and you’ll have a few minutes to run to the basement and escape. Just remember that all the Family members will hear the door open and will probably start making their way there to head you off, so you should consider jumping down a well if you’re near one.

- This article was updated on August 29th, 2023

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