All SSNN Quiz Answers in Starfield

Here are all the correct answers for the SSNN quiz in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
SSNN Quiz Answers Starfield
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As you explore the deep space in Starfield, you’ll encounter various characters on their journeys. These characters can be hostile, in need of help, or just friendly neighbors saying hello. One of the friendlier spacecraft is the SSNN, where a reporter will ask you to take a survey. This guide will cover all SSNN quiz answers in Starfield.

How to Answer All SSNN Quiz Questions Correctly in Starfield

There are a total of eight possible questions players can get when surveying with the SSNN in Starfield. Only four of the questions will be asked in each playthrough, though. Below you will find all eight possible questions and the answers to each.

What year did the Colony War end?2311
Coe’s Day honors Solomon Coe, the founder of what city?Akila City
The Red Mile Obstacle Course takes place on what star system?Porrima
Neuroamps were created by what company?Ryujin
What year was the Treaty of Nation signed?2216
Sanctum Universum is Latin for which of the following?Holy Universe
The CEC refers to what sports league?Starship combat
The term “spacer” refers to which of the following?A person born in space

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After completing the initial survey with the SSNN, the reporter will ask you additional questions. These questions don’t affect the outcome of the survey but will change the dialogue of the reporter depending on how you answer them. The two questions are as follows:

  1. How often do you watch SSNN?
  2. In one word, how would you rate our programming overall?

Depending on how you answer these questions and how well you did in the survey will change the way the reporter responds. For example, if you did well in the survey and answered that you watch SSNN very often, she will say that SSNN needs to continue to provide good coverage for well-informed citizens like yourself.

Rewards for Completing the SSNN Quiz

When all is said and done, your reward for participating will be around 2,000 credits and food and aid materials. Considering that you can only do this survey once in a playthrough, it is hard to tell whether the reward changes depending on how well you do in the survey.

Afterward, you can go ahead and leave the SSNN or speak to other members on the ship. From my experience, there was nothing else to do on the ship, but you may be able to find an additional side quest.

- This article was updated on September 6th, 2023

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