All Starfield Temple Locations & Powers

This guide will cover all powers and how to get them in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
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The powers in Starfield can turn the tide of combat, giving you an advantage over your opponents. There are a total of 24 powers in the game, with all of them spread across various planets in the galaxy. If you are looking to collect them all, you have come to the right place. This guide will cover all powers in Starfield, including their locations and abilities.

All Temple Locations and Powers in Starfield

While a good amount of the powers in Starfield can be obtained by naturally progressing through the main story, a handful require going off the beaten path. In the grid below, you will find all the powers in Starfield, how to get them, and the planets and star systems in which they are located.

PowerAbilityTemple NameTemple Location
Personal AtmosphereAllows the player to create a personal atmosphere around them, granting the ability to survive in space without a spacesuit.Alpha TempleTau Ceti VIII B in the Tau Ceti Star System.
Gravity WaveSummons a wave of gravity that knocks enemies down, while dealing damage to them.Beta TempleAltair IV C in the Altair Star System
Sense Star StuffHelp players sense the presence of nearby objects, lifeforms, and hidden objects.Chi TempleGunibuu II in the Gunibuu Star System
TelekinesisAllows the player to move objects by using their minds.Delta TempleAltair IV-C in the Altair Star System
Anti-Gravity FieldAllows the player to create a low gravity field.Eta TempleProcyon III in the Procyon Star System.
Create VacuumCreates a small dome that surrounds your enemies for 15 seconds.Gamma TempleFeynam II in the Feynman Star System.
PrecognitionAllows the player to see glimpses of the future.Iota TempleOborum II, A in the Oborum Star System
Sunless SpaceAllows the player to create a localized cold field, damaging enemies that get too close.Kappa TempleKaydid I-A in the Katydid Star System
Eternal HarvestAllows players to create a field of fertile energy for harvesting crops.Lambda TempleEnlil I-a in the Enlil Star system
Grav DashAllows the player to perform a double jump.Zeta TempleIndum IV-D in the Indum Star System
Phased TimeThe player can slow down time for a short period.Buried Temple (Mu)Aternus found during the mission “Power from Beyond.”
Creator’s PeaceForces enemies to leave combat and drop their weapons.Nu TempleSkink in the Cheyenne Star System
Void FormAllows the player to turn invisible for a short period.Omicron TempleBara VIII-d in the Bara Star System.
Parallel SelfCreate a decoy of yourself.Sigma TempleOburum III in the Oburum Prime Star System
Reactive ShieldAllows the player to create a shield that blocks enemy projectiles.Tau TempleIndum II in the Indum Star System
Alien Reanimation PowerCauses alien life to be resurrected and assist the player in combat.Phi TempleAl-Battani II in the Al-Battani Star system
Elemental PullAllows the player to pull all inorganic things near themselves.Psi TempleBessel III-B in the Bessel Star System
Particle BeamShoot a beam of pure particle energy that deals high amounts of damage.Omega TempleBannoc II in the Bannoc Star System.
SupernovaCreate massive explosions, damaging enemies during combat.Xi TempleLuyten’s Rock in the Luyten’s Star System
Solar FlareCreate a space orb, damaging enemies nearby.Theta TempleCassiopeia II-A’s moon in the Eta Cassiopeia Star System
EarthboundCreate a powerful shockwave.Epsilon TempleNikola II in the Nikola Star System
Inner DemonCreate a mirror image of yourself, where it fights along the side of you.Upsilon TempleSyrma III in the Syrma Star System.
Moon FarmAllows the player to become rock solid and resist all types of damage.Temple RhoCharybdis VII-D in the Charybdis Star System.
Life ForceDrain the life force of an enemy, and heal yourself while doing so.Temple PiPiazzi II in the Piazzi Star System

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How to Find Temples in Starfield

When you reach the planets mentioned in the grid, finding the temple is as easy as using your hand scanner. Take out your scanner and move it around until the circle in the middle gets distorted. When the circle becomes distorted, you must head in that direction, leading to the temple containing the power.

The distortion can be faint and hard to notice, so move the scanner very slowly. The best way to do it is to slowly move it to the right while keeping an eye on the circle, and you will eventually see it become distorted.

A waypoint will appear when you follow the distortion far enough, marking the temple location. Head inside and solve the quick puzzle, rewarding you with the power afterward.

Be careful when you leave the temple, since there will be a Starborn waiting for you outside looking for a fight. The good news is there is only one, and they aren’t the toughest to beat, but it’s good to be prepared and have your gun out, ready for combat.

- This article was updated on October 13th, 2023

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