Which Starfield Vendors Have the Most Credits?

Here's the vendors who have the most credits in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
Starfield Which Vendor has the most credits.
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If you’re like me, you want to have a good source to get credits as quickly as possible in Starfield. One of the best ways to receive many credits is by selling unwanted loot to vendors. The problem is that vendors have a limit on the amount of credits they have in-store. This guide will cover the vendors in Starfield with the highest amount of credits for selling items.

Which Vendor Has the Most Credits in Starfield?

The vendors with the most credits in Starfield are found on The Key, the home base of the Crimson Fleet. There are a few vendors on this ship, each selling valuable items such as suits, weapons, resources, etc., but it’s the the amount of credits they have that really stands out.

One vendor has 25,000 credits available, meaning you can easily take all of that if you have enough items to sell. There are also additional vendors on The Key that have close to 10,000. Considering the Crimson Fleet is a bunch of criminals, it makes sense why they have so much money.

Note: If these numbers don’t match up for you when you visit them, you may have to progress further into the Crimson Fleet questline.

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Remember that you’ll have to join the Crimson Fleet to gain access to The Key. Also, as you progress through the Crimson Fleet questline, you can either side with the UC or the Crimson Fleet. If you continue to want access to the vendors on The Key, you must choose to side with the Crimson Fleet. Otherwise, you’ll be banned from The Key.

Cydonia on Mars, in the Sol System, is another location with vendors with many credits. Specifically, the guy at the Trade Authority usually has around 11,000 credits in store, although it is not guaranteed.

Remember to rest for 48 in-game local hours after acquiring all of the vendor’s credits. Doing so will refill the vendor’s inventory and their credits, allowing you to do the selling process all over again.

For more locations, check out the official Starfield Reddit page, where players share the vendors they visit for tons of credits!

- This article was updated on October 12th, 2023

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