All Terminal Commands in Lethal Company

What do you mean "win game" is not a command?

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Not taking part in the action and staring at a screen doesn’t mean that you are free from responsibilities. Here are all Terminal commands in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company: All Terminal Commands

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While many will venture into the terrifying adventure that moon scavenging for scrap is, some will prefer to stay back, provide support, and be the eye in the sky.

Well, while not being perfectly portrayed here, the role of the tech guy monitoring everything that happens during a mission is available for you through the Terminal. While not capable of doing what Mission Impossible’s Luther can do with a simple laptop in a covert van, there are many things and commands you can input in the Terminal in Lethal Company. These are the following:

Moon Commands

If you type and send the Moon command, you will see an entire list of all the moons available and which ones are currently inaccessible due to hazardous weather conditions:

The Company BuildingIt’s the moon where The Company set its base. You can see how much they are willing to purchase your scrap.

Store Commands

After typing and sending Store, the Terminal will show you all the available items you can purchase along with their price. You can only purchase these items with credits you have made by selling scrap to the Company:

Boombox60 credits
Cozy Lights140 credits
Extension Ladder60 credits
Flashlight15 credits
Hazard Suit90 credits
Inverse Teleporter375 credits
Jetpack700 credits
Lockpicker20 credits
Loud Horn150 credits
Pajama Suit900 credits
Pro-Flashlight25 credits
Radar-Booster50 credits
Record Player120 credits
Shovel30 credits
Stun Grenade40 credits
TZP-Inhalant120 credits
Teleporter375 credits
Walkie-Talkie12 credits
Zap Gun400 credits

Bestiary Commands

By inputting Bestiary, you will find all the information regarding the beasts you have found during your moon scavenging adventures. If there is a monster you haven’t found, then it will not appear. To show information, just type the name of the creature after typing and sending Bestiary.

Baboon Hawk
Bunker Spiders
Circuit Bee
Eyeless Dog
Forest Keeper
Hoarding Bug
Roaming Locusts
Snare Flea
Spore Lizard

View Monitor Commands

The View Monitor command will show your or your teammate’s surroundings while exploring the moon. It is rarely the case in which becomes a particularly extraordinary addition, but at least you have several options to choose from:

SwitchType Switch and then follow it up with any of your teammate’s usernames to monitor him.
PingIf you are using a Radar Booster, type Ping followed by your teammate’s username. That teammate will be able to see the Radar Booster. You can also type Ping followed by the Radar Booster’s name to say Hello, which might distract some monsters.
[id name]If you replace the brackets with either a door code or a turret code, you will be able to open it up or shut it down, respectively. The first one will be permanent, while the second one will only last for a few moments.

Other Commands

HelpThe Terminal will show you a list of basic commands you can type.
StorageYou will see a list of every item that is currently in the Storage. Type that item’s name to make it spawn in the ship.
ScanThe ship will scan the moon and show how many items are there and how much profit you can expect to make.
SigurdView the logs you have collected.
OtherA continuation of “Help” with some extra commands we have already covered above.

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Make sure that the Terminal support role, if you want one to use it, is filled with someone who can multitask and be able to type fast. Close quartered and therefore, life and death situations will depend on it.

- This article was updated on November 22nd, 2023

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