How to Use Radar Booster in Lethal Company


by Alejandro Josan
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While shooting everything in sight might sound like a good strategy, using wit and strategy will allow you to collect more items while remaining undetected. Here is how to use the Radar Booster in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company: How to Use Radar Booster

To get the Radar Booster, you will have to order it from the Terminal for 50 credits. Just type “Radar Booster” and you will order it. This Radar Booster acts as an unmovable player which you can track in the Monitor. Once you drop it, it will stay there for the player to check it on the Monitor or even use it as a surveillance camera. Moreover, the player in the Monitor can Ping the Radar Booster by typing the command “ping (Radar Booster name)” in the Terminal, where you replace the parenthesis with the actual name of the Radar Booster. It will cause the Radar Boost to say “Hello”. All of these functions have various uses in the game, and it all depends on whether you plan to use the Radar Booster in Lethal Company indoors or outdoors.

  • Indoors: You can position this near the entrance or the fire exits to either use it as a surveillance camera to tell your partners if the way out is clear of monsters or to use the ping command as an indicator of where the exit actually is.
  • Outdoors: The function of the Radar Booster in outdoor environments is to use it as a distractor. You see, large monsters will be a huge headache for you and your teammates. So, if you wish to have the way clear to your ship, ping the Radar Booster for it to say “Hello”, which will end up attracting the attention of outdoor monsters that will approach it or even attack it.
Image: Zeekerss

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Use this item strategically to make sure that your teammates have a safe way to locate and exit certain locations across the moons. Using the Radar Booster can get tricky, but I bet you will master its use in no time!

- This article was updated on November 14th, 2023

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