Lethal Company Bestiary: All Monsters and Locations Explained

Does the company pay extra when you have to fight monsters?

by Davi Braid
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Welcome to the world of Lethal Company, a game teeming with a variety of Monsters, each with its own unique characteristics.

All Outside Creatures in Lethal Company

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In Lethal Company, the outdoor creatures are a diverse group of entities that players may encounter while exploring the game’s various environments.

These creatures range from harmless critters like Roaming Locusts and Manticoils to more dangerous beings such as the Forest Keepers and Earth Leviathans. Each creature has its own unique behaviors and characteristics, adding a layer of complexity and unpredictability to the gameplay.

Roaming LocustsHarmless critters that scatter when you approach.
ManticoilsFlying creatures that add life to the background. They are generally harmless.
Circuit BeesGuard their nests, which can be worth over 100 Credits. They’re peaceful unless disturbed. A player might be able to distract them while another steels their hive.
Eyeless DogsBlind canines that rely on sound. Stay quiet and still, and they won’t bother you. However, if they feel provoked by any noise, you’re done. Stand still and be patient.
Forest KeepersGiant beings with childlike minds, but possess immense strength, keen eyesight, and frightening speed. Avoid direct confrontation with them if possible. The best way to handle them is by distracting them and running away.
Earth LeviathanA massive foe that attacks from below. When dealing with this creature, you don’t want to stand still when outside. Keep moving so you won’t be suddenly attacked from below.
Baboon HawkWinged creatures that often appear in groups, they are usually harmless. As long as you don’t get too close, they won’t do anything but observe from a distance. However, if they are in large groups, you might be in danger.

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All Inside Creatures in Lethal Company

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Their behaviors and characteristics vary widely, making each encounter a unique experience. Many of these creatures can move through vents, adding an element of horror to the experience.

Inside CreatureDescription
Hoarding BugsTiny creatures that claim any loot they find. They are too fast for you to run away. You can handle them with a shovel or stop sign. If you don’t have a way to get away or fight it, drop your items so the bug can get it.
Bunker SpidersSlow but tough. They lurk near walls and doorways, waiting for you to step into their webs. These creatures are hostile. If you get trapped in its web, the spider will know and come to get you. It is not a good idea to fight Bunker Spiders, so pay attention to the environment, avoid its webs, and run away.
ThumperA highly aggressive, and deadly, carnivorous species. These creatures are deaf, so you can use it to outmaneuver them and run away. However, they are quite fast and will run after you in a straight line if you’re spotted.
Snare FleasThey drop from the ceiling, often signaled by the sound of opening vents. If you pass under it, it will drop on your head and suffocate you. Just pay attention to your surroundings and avoid walking under these creatures.
Coil HeadCoil-Head is the fastest creature in the game, but it only moves when nobody is looking at it. Use this to your advantage, but make sure you have someone else with you. Chances are, you won’t survive an encounter with this mannequin-like creature when you’re alone.
BrackenA solitary hunter with high intelligence. It is aggressive but backs off when confronted. Walk away when it backs off. Staring at a Bracken for a while might have the opposite effect. It will feel provoked and come back to face you.
HygrodereA slow and colorful blob. Easy to spot if you’re careful, but dissolves anything that steps in it. It is aggressive, but you can jump over it.
Spore LizardA rare creature that resembles the Frog Monster. Defensive and turns aggressive when chased or attacked. Leave it alone and it won’t do anything to you.
Ghost GirlHaunts a single player at a time inside the bunker. Every time she appears, she will be a bit closer, and only the haunted player can see her. Run away! You can outrun her, but she’ll continue to haunt you. If she gets close, you will die instantly.
JestersWind-up boxes that follow you and wind up over time. Jesters only show up in high difficulty moons. If a Jester starts winding up, run away from the building immediately. When it’s done, a giant skull will come out of its box and kill you.

All Traps in Lethal Company

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Traps in Lethal Company are hazards that players must navigate and overcome in order to successfully complete their objectives.

TurretsStationary traps that scan for players and fire. As long as you don’t stand in front of it, you will be safe. Don’t hit it with a shovel or it’ll suddenly shoot everyone around it. Turrets can be temporarily disabled with a code.
LandminesMetallic discs that explode when stepped on or when an item is dropped on them. They can also be disabled like Turrets.

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