All Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pressure Valve Locations for Every Map

Here are all Texas Chainsaw Massacre pressure valve locations for every map.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Gun Interactive

The Valve exit is one of the hardest exits in Texas Chainsaw Massacre because you need to find a Pressure Valve Handle and attach it to the Pressure Tank. While this may seem easy, both objective points can be located in tricky locations with high visibility to the Family. However, once you know how the random spawn points work, you can easily escape using the Valve exit with minimal issues. Here are all Texas Chainsaw Massacre pressure valve locations for Every Map.

How to Escape Using Valve Exits in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Image: Gun Interactive

Here’s how to escape using a Valve Exit in Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

  1. Find the Pressure Valve Handle
  2. Locate a Pressure Tank
  3. Interact with the Pressure Tank to attach the Pressure Valve Handle
  4. Spin the Pressure Valve Handle slowly so you don’t attract attention
  5. Escape the Slaughter Family using the Valve Exit!

Note: There is a small amount of time from when you activate the Pressure Valve that the Family has to shut the exit. After that time passes, you will have one minute until they can close the gate, so plan accordingly!

Here is the map legend for each location:

  • Arrow: Exit Location
  • Hexagon: Pressure Valve handle
  • Star: Pressure Tank

Family House Pressure Valve Locations

Image: Gun Interactive

You can find the Family House Pressure Valve Handle in the Back Porch and Luggage rooms of the Family House. After that, you must take the Pressure Valve handle to the Pressure Tank in the Driveway or Back Garden areas of the Family House map.

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Gas Station Pressure Valve Locations

Image: Gun Interactive

The Gas Station Pressure Valve Handle can be found in the Backfield, Barn, Compound, Living Room, Living Room (Exterior), Shop Backroom, or Valve Exit areas. Then, you must take the Pressure Valve Handle to the Pressure Tank located in the Exterior of the house near the Rear Bedroom or front of the House.

Slaughterhouse Pressure Valve Locations

Image: Gun Interactive

You can find the Slaughterhouse Pressure Valve Handle in the Facility Backdoor, Holding Pen, Tool Storage, or Windmill areas of the map. Then, you must take the Pressure Valve handle to the Pressure Tank in Leatherface’s Lair (basement) or Back Garden.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide playing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Steam Deck.

- This article was updated on August 28th, 2023

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