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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Can You Repeat the International Museum Day Stamp Rally 2021 Event

Multiple replays can mean multiple rewards.

by Lisa Nguyen


The Animal Crossing: New Horizons International Museum Day Stamp Rally event is in full swing for 2021. The event makes its return from 2020 with one major change. Players now have to search for stamp machines not only in the Bug, Fish, and Fossil wings of the museum but also in the Art area, but also receive a new reward.

The Stamp Rally event consists of filling out a card with stamps. The stamps come from various machines throughout the museum. Once players have completed their cards, they return them to Blathers. The owl will stamp the bottom right circle of the card to confirm it’s complete, then inform the player that they’ve won a plaque as a reward.

Can You Repeat the International Museum Day Stamp Rally 2021?

Players can complete all four stamp cards within a short amount of time. The event is simple enough for most players. They may wonder if they can continue winning different rewards for playing through the event again.

The Stamp Rally is replayable daily until May 31. Players can speak to Blathers, where he will repeat the same information about the Stamp Rally event, then hand the player stamp cards. The overall event remains the same. Players have to search the museum for stamp machines to complete their cards. The locations of the machines change with each new card, but players only have to look at the “hint” on the card to know where to look next.

While the event slightly changes, the prizes remain the same. After players turn in their completed card, they will receive a plaque for that card area. The first Art plaque players receive is worth keeping. However, players will receive duplicates that they can later keep, sell, or trade.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Nintendo Switch exclusive available now.

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