Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Catch Fish and Avoid Eggs During Bunny Day

Skip the eggs with this trick

by Kyle Hanson

Players were pretty excited about the first seasonal event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Bunny Day arrived yesterday and everyone began hunting eggs across their deserted islands. Yet after a few hours most found themselves simply swarmed with eggs. They were in the ground, in the air, under the dirt, and more frsutratingly in the water. Fishing is a fan favorite activity both because it’s fun and because it earns a lot of Bells for the player. But with so many eggs seemingly swimming around in the ocean, rivers, and ponds players had far more than they could want and far fewer fish than they desired. To help, here’s a quick tip on how to catch fish and avoid eggs during Bunny Day.

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How to Catch Fish and Avoid Eggs During Bunny Day

First off, you can avoid catching eggs by focusing on the shadow size, as they most often appear as medium size shadows. If it’s large or small you should be alright, though anything can happen as this event continues to develop. But if you’re desperate to not catch eggs, avoiding the medium shadows will certainly help. However, there is one way that seems to promise real fish every time, or at least a huge majority of the time. Using bait.

We’ve explained how bait works before, but here’s the simple answer in case you need it. All you need to do is dig up clams from the beach, they’re the little dots that squirt water at you as you walk by. Once you have a few just head to a crafting bench and craft them into bait. Pick a spot to fish, I usually use the pier or southern ocean for convenience and high value fish they spawn, then just stand there tossing bait in and reeling in what it spawns. One fish will spawn for each piece of bait you use, so you need a lot of it. I like to get a healthy set of 20 or more bait before I start, then farm bait once it runs out and repeat the process.

This worked well for catching rare or high value fish before, but it’s now the key to how to catch fish and avoid eggs during Bunny Day.