Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Catch Great White Sharks

Catch the biggest

by Kyle Hanson

It’s the start of June, which means sharks have finally arrived in the northern hemisphere in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These massive creatures have been long anticipated and players will surely want to add them to their museum, and sell them for the huge amount of Bells they are worth. While there’s four main species, one reigns supreme above them all. The Great White Shark is easily one of the coolest fish in the game, and is certainly one of the most valuable. So here’s how to catch Great White Sharks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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How to Catch Great White Sharks

Many of the usual tips for catching large and rare fish apply to the Great White Shark as well. Wander the edge of your island, keeping an eye on the sea. But one thing makes sharks distinct from the rest: their fin. Great White Sharks have huge shadows, which does match with most of the other rare fish out there. However, sharks also have a fin appear above the normal shadow shape.

Sadly, huge shadows with a fin could be almost any of the sharks available in the game. There’s no sure way to tell a Great White Shark apart from a Whale Shark or Hammerhead. So the key to getting one is to catch as many sharks as possible while they’re available. For the northern hemisphere this is from 4pm to 9am during the months of June to September. If you’re playing during these hours you will want to have bait available so you can just sit by the ocean fishing as long as you can.

You don’t need to be near the pier, so you can do this anywhere by the ocean. Mysterious islands are also a fine place to find Great White Sharks, so head there with some bait and fish away. If this is the only fish you need, you can scare away any other sized shadow fish by sprinting near the edge of the sea. Once you spot a huge shadow with a fin just do the usual things, tossing your hook in front of them and patiently waiting for them to pull it under the water before pressing A.

Follow all of this advice and you’ll know how to catch Great White Sharks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Once you have one, be sure to donate it to the museum or Blathers will be quite sad. After that you can sell any you catch for 15,000 Bells, or save them to give/sell to CJ.

- This article was updated on June 1st, 2020