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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How To Change Native Fruit On Island

Not happy with your island's native fruit?

by Dean James


Animal Crossing as a series has changed a bit over the years, from the camping aspect of the mobile Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to now the island getaway setup of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Early on in the game, you will have a mission to walk around the island and collect fruit for Tom Nook. Either then or in your previous exploration of the island, you will notice fruit found in the trees. What you may not realize though is that not everyone has the same fruit. The type of fruit that is native to your island is random, so this guide will explain how you can change the one that you end up with on your island.

How To Change Native Fruit On Island

Fruit can be found all around your island, but the very beginning of the game will provide you with only one type of fruit. This is considered the native fruit of your island, which is set as soon as you start your game and select your island. You will then find out what it is once you start looking around and see what is hanging in the trees. In my case, the trees held cherries in them that could be picked.

While it is still virtual fruit, this is the type of thing that some people will certainly want to customize like many other elements on the island. However, the downside here is that your native fruit on your island is the only native fruit that you can have. You can get other fruit from other islands, but the native fruit is the only one on your island and it cannot be changed, technically.

There is one solution to the native fruit changing problem, but it’s going to require you to reset your entire island from the start. For details on how to do that, check out this other guide. Resetting your island and starting all over will once again provide you with a random native fruit. This means if you are looking for a particular native fruit, you will just have to keep resetting the game until you get the one you want.

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