Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Upgrade the Museum and Get the Art Gallery

When can you get the art gallery in your museum?

by Kyle Hanson

As players have spent the last month in Animal Crossing: New Horizons the main focus for much of that time has been upgrading buildings. Indeed, even the museum featured an upgrade, moving from a tent to a full fledged building that dwarfs most structures on the island. But it has a new upgrade available as of the latest update. The art gallery is finally here, but you may not know how to get it. Here’s how to upgrade the museum and get the art gallery in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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How to Upgrade the Museum

There’s two main steps to upgrade the museum, and both are pretty easy. However, the second requires some additional luck or patience, so let’s start with the first. It’s as simple as talking to Blathers once you have the latest game update. Animal Crossing: New Horizons version 1.2.0 is what adds the museum upgrade option, so be sure you download that before launching the game itself. Once you have it, all you need to do is head to the museum and speak with Blathers. If you have donated enough items to the museum, he will mention a potential upgrade to the museum that features art. If he doesn’t say this then be sure to start donating more fish, bugs, and fossils to the museum until the option unlocks (theories say you need 30 items total, but that is unconfirmed). He won’t say much more, but the next steps are easy as well.

How to Get the Art Gallery

Once you have the option of upgrading all you need to do is supply Blathers with the necessary pieces. Art, either statues or paintings, will be the key, but where do you find them? Redd will come to town once this option is available to you (see more here). Once he does just buy some of his art, making sure you don’t get stuck with a forgery, and then head back to the museum. Donate the art to Blathers and the art gallery will open up right away. Now you just need the patience to fill it up, buying a piece of art every time Redd shows up on your island.

And that’s how to upgrade the museum and get the art gallery in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.