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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – What Fish Can I Catch Right Now (March)

A seasonal list of available fish

by Kyle Hanson


If you want to pay off your house, upgrade your town, and do all the cool things you can in Animal Crossing: New Horizons then you’re going to be catching a lot of  fish. In fact, when you describe the game to friends who haven’t played it might sound to them like a fishing title. It certainly feels that way while I’m playing. But to be the best fisherman or bug catcher on the island you need to know what is out there to be caught. You might ask the question: what can I catch right now in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

What Fish Can I Catch Right Now

Let’s start off with fish that are available all year. Here’s that list, along with where to catch them, and what time. If you want to know how much they sell for check here.

FishCaught inTime
AnchovyOcean4am to 9pm
BarreleyeOcean9pm to 4am
Black BassRiverAnytime
Blue GillRiver9am to 4pm
CoelacanthOcean (Rain)Anytime
Crucian CarpRiverAnytime
DaceRiver4pm to 9am
Freshwater GobyRiver4pm to 9am
Horse MacheralOceanAnytime
KoiPond4pm to 9am
Olive FlounderOceanAnytime
Pale ChubRiver9am to 4pm
Pop-eyed GoldfishPond9am to 4pm
Ranchu GoldfishPond9am to 4pm
Red SnapperOceanAnytime
Sea BassOceanAnytime

So you don’t need to worry about what time of year you’re fishing if you want to catch these guys. But what about the seasonal ones? We’ll break it down by hemisphere for March. We’ve also color coded them. Red means they leave at the end of this month. Yellow will be gone at the end of next. Catch them quick before they’re gone.

Northern Hemisphere – March Fish

FishCaught inTimeLeaves in
Football FishOcean4 PM to 9 AMMarch
Sea ButterflyOceanAnytimeMarch
StringfishRiver (Clifftop)4 PM to 9 AMMarch
SturgeonRiver (Mouth)AnytimeMarch
Yellow PerchRiverAnytimeMarch
Blue MarlinPierAnytimeApril
Golden TroutRiver (Clifftop)4 PM to 9 AMMay
CharRiver4 PM to 9 AMJune
Cherry SalmonRiver (Clifftop)AnytimeJune
Barred KnifejawOceanAnytimeNovember

Souther Hemisphere – March Fish

FishCaught inTimeLeaves in
ArapaimaRiver4 PM to 9 AMMarch
ArowanaRiver4 PM to 9 AMMarch
Blue MarlinPierAnytimeMarch
DoradoRiver4 AM to 9 PMMarch
GarPond4 PM to 9 AMMarch
Great White SharkOcean4 PM to 9 AMMarch
Hammerhead SharkOcean4 PM to 9 AMMarch
King SalmonRiver (Mouth)AnytimeMarch
Ocean SunfishOcean4 AM to 9 PMMarch
PiranhaRiver9 AM to 4 PMMarch
AngelfishRiver4 PM to 9 AMApril
BettaRiver9 AM to 4 PMApril
CatfishPond4 PM to 9 AMApril
Moray EelOceanAnytimeApril
Mitten CrabRiver4 PM to 9 AMMay
CharRiver4 PM to 9 AMMay
Cherry SalmonRiver (Clifftop)AnytimeMay
Golden TroutRiver (Clifftop)4 PM to 9 AMMay
GuppyRiver9 AM to 4 PMMay
Neon TetraRiver4 AM to 4 PMMay
Barred KnifejawOceanAnytimeMay

So with just a few days left in March players have a lot of work ahead of them. If you’re in the northern hemisphere be sure to grab a stringfish and sturgeon before they’re gone, along with the others. Southern hemisphere players have a ton to check off their to-catch list, including a lot of sharks. Check out our tips and tricks on catching rare fish for help if you need it. But hopefully this list answers your question of what fish can I catch right now in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

- This article was updated on:March 31st, 2020

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